Spice It Up

One of my favorite wardrobe staples is my extensive collection of scarves.

If only I had this organizer for all my fun scarves.

I love that scarves come in so many designs and materials that are perfect to spice up any outfit.  In the fall and especially the winter time it is a rare occasion to see me without a scarf.  One of the many pluses about scarves is that you can find them at a variety of price points, from Target to Anthropologie, Lilly and beyond.

This is the perfect tool I found on Pinterest that will help you switch up your outfits.  Sometimes I get bored with the same style or I find myself wearing one scarf more than others, and when this happens I try to find a different way to wear my scarf.

These are some of my favorite reasons for wearing a scarf:
- To add a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit.

- Keep you warm and cozy on a crisp, cool day.

Do you love scarves as much as I do? 
Where are your favorite scarves from?

Wallet Wonders

You on a budget? Ha I know this girl is!

Until this house gets bought, it will be window shopping and online pinning. Thank goodness I can still squeeze my body into the same clothes I wore when I was 19 (even though they are a tad bit snugger).

I will share with you some cuties from my online favorite, Piperlime (free shipping too)!

ALERT: Get $25 when you spend $75

I threw this in just because it is so adorable (via LOFT)


Outfit of the week!

This week's outfit pairs an emerald wool Banana Republic skirt with a peach silk J. Crew Blouse. The colors compliment each other well and can be worn separately with creme or navy and should become a staple in your fall wardrobe.  We've added a pair of BCBG patent wedges and a Cole Haan bag  in woven leather that is a perfect carryall for a busy week at work.  A delicate pearl necklace completes this look.

J. Crew blouse $26.95
Banana Republic skirt $35.95
Cole Haan bag $150.95
BCBG wedges $21.95
Necklace $23.95

Grand total: $259.75

These pieces can be found at Current's DC location.

Engagement Pictures

So, let me just say I'm reallllyyy excited for our engagement pictures this coming Monday.

I'm usually a predictable person.  Or at least I feel like I am.

I'm simple, don't usually step out of my little 5'1'' box.

But when Stephen and I met with our photographer he asked what ideas we had about engagement pictures.  Thanks to Pinterest I had seen some pictures done at the fair and thought it was a cute idea, but wasn't totally sold on it.  When we were talking Stephen mentioned that he was interested some in a field - barn - AKA the typical engagement shoot, at least from what I've seen.  I was totally fine with it, until our photographer mentioned the fair being in town soon and we both decided that we would do something a little different.  So we decided on the fair, but will be having some more traditional pictures done also.

Stephen and I were talking over dinner about how nervous, but excited we are about the session.

We are typically not very affectionate in front of our parents.  I think they have seen us quick kiss once or twice (and of course hold hands), and these pictures require us to be affectionate in front of the photographer and my parents are coming along for fun, along with the crowd of people at the fair.  

There just seems like there is all this pressure.  You want the pictures to turn out great.  You want your smile to hold up.  You want your outfits to look nice.  You want your hair to be perfect.  This is definitely more stressful than I ever thought it would be. haha.

Our photographer asked me to look up pictures and get ideas of what types of photos we would like taken and here are just a few pictures we found that we love!

Definitely won't be taking my ring off and putting it in an icey.

We plan on sharing cotton candy and a drink similar to this.

I can't wait to see how these turn out, and proud of myself for stepping out of my box.

Wednesday Words

I miss my friends :(

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving at a lot this Wednesday so I'm linking up with Jamie!

I'm loving that our engagement pictures are on Monday! I've got our outfits planned out so let's hope that it all works out. 

By the time this posts I will have written 3 papers this week, meaning that my homework for this week is DONE.

I'm discovering the cutest outfits in my closet.  I've been on a mission to reinvent my wardrobe by mixing and adding to familiar outfits.

I've been looking for a casual, but not too casual dress to wear with my cowgirl boots for our engagement pictures and scored a navy dress from Banana Republic the other day for $20, regular $100!

Can't wait for this busy weekend.  Stephen and I have a wedding and an engagement party to attend!
Fall temperatures are coming on Sunday/Monday, and hopefully they plan on staying until winter.  I hate this 85 degree sticky, sweaty fall I've been experiencing so far.
What are you loving this Wednesday?

Interview with Jo of Lost in The Haze

Jo is a very stylish lady with a wonderful blog, Lost in The Haze! She has a love for all things vintage, like me! Often found traipsing around the woods with a milkmaid braid, Jo blogs from a very beautiful place- Christchurch, New Zealand and her photos often show the beautiful natural surroundings. She also is a fan of several lines we are stocking in the store- Vivetta, Family Affairs, Wayward Daughter, and TBA. It was a treat to interview such a sweet and stylish girl for the blog. Jo really embodies what the Audrey Grace girl is all about!

Tell me a little bit about your blog, Lost in The Haze.
Lost in the Haze is set in my pretty little city, Christchurch, in New Zealand. I share beautiful vintage finds – often with pan collars; my favourite! I go on many scenic adventures and love to show off picturesque New Zealand!

What has been your favorite show of the various spring fashion weeks so far?
 My favourite has definitely been Orla Kiely! My absolute favourite piece was the matching jacket and shorts. I can picture wearing it with a boater hat and a pair of dusty blue Swedish hasbeens. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye on ebay!

Who are your favorite designers?
I have so many favourites! Some of my current favourites are TBA, Nadinoo, and Dear Creatures.

Where would be your dream place to travel?
It is a complete tie between Egypt and Prague! I was ridiculously obsessed with hieroglyphics as a kid, and even now love to read Tutankhamen conspiracy books! I’d love to be able to see all of the Egyptian gold in person too; it would be so amazing! I’d also love to go to Prague as I’m obsessed with the architecture. I’ve always wanted to buy a Pashley bicycle and cycle through Europe; starting in Prague of course!

What are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly movies?
For Audrey it’s definitely the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I have always been completely captivated by her hair in that movie! For Grace it would be To Catch A Thief. I love the chemistry between Grace and Cary Grant!

What could you see yourself buying from Audrey Grace Boutique?
I’d be happy with anything from the Wayward Daughter collection! Anything Cait touches is magic!

Do you have any favorite New Zealand designers?
I love Ruby! They have the most amazing designs, and the boutique always has the most amazing sales! Sadly, the Christchurch earthquake took my closest Ruby Boutique; I’m just happy there is an online store!

What is the future for Lost in The Haze?
I’m really excited that Lost in the Haze is moving more into video! I’m hoping to have at least one video a week. It is sure a wonderful way to show off outfits in detail and also share the pretty locations!

Describe an ideal day for you. 
A perfect day begins with a perfect outfit! I get dressed and go out for a yummy hot chocolate breakfast with my fella. We’d head on a scenic excursion; possibly to my favourite park. I’m slightly obsessive about ducks, so I’d bring along a loaf of bread to feed them at the river. I’d make my way to my favourite vintage store and score some amazing goodies. I’d finish my day off with a twilight bicycle ride followed by a burger and chip dinner, yum!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from all over! I feel inspired going on excursions and seeing pretty places, looking at my favourite blogs, taking photographs, sewing, sourcing vintage clothing, and going for long runs.

Who is your style icon?
I am influenced by so many stylish people! Edie Sedgwick and Jane Birkin are two major influences (I love the 1960s!) Like many fashion bloggers, I love Alexa Chung’s effortless style. It’s a bit random; but I am also influenced by Vince Noir’s style. He reminds me its fun to be a little ridiculous!

Thank you Jo! (All photos courtesy, www.lostinthehaze.blogspot.com)

Fall Decor

My favorite season hands down is fall.  Not just because I'm ready to escape the blazing hot temperatures, which is one reason for sure, but I also love the colors, decoration, activities, and the crisp air.  My parents are throwing Stephen and I an engagement party later in October, and I have been going crazy on Pinterest finding the cutest fall decorations for my mom to use as inspiration.  As I find more and more of these to-die-for decorations, the more I am wishing I was married already (almost 10 months away!!) with my own house and a job, to pay for these decorations. ha.  Hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Do you love fall decor as much as I do?  
I can't wait to incorporate these into my own home next year!

iDig Your Blog Award

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Thank you so much Turtles and Pearls for the award! That was so sweet of you to think of me. Readers, if you haven't checked out Turtles and Pearls, do so now! It is one of my daily reads, and I know you'll enjoy reading as much as I do! 

Share three random facts about yourself.
1. I just turned in my student teaching application for next semester.  I am scared, anxious, and super excited for my very LAST semester.  I will be in the classroom the entire semester and will sleep, eat, and breathe teaching.  I will have to attend every staff meeting, parent-teacher conference, etc.  I'm excited for this new adventure, because I have always wanted to be a teacher, but I have never in my life done anything to this extent.

2. I was born a UNC-Tarheel and swore that I would be a fan till the day that I died.  I even know the entire fight song and don't even go to Carolina, but lately with Stephen being such a huge NCSU fan, it is so hard not to pull for the Wolfpack.  Ahhh, I starting to feel torn.

3. My favorite thing lately has been reinventing my closet.  I've gotten to the point where I am very stingy and not wanting to spend any of amount of money.  So, when I need to take a break from school work or life I get into my closet and try to make new outfits out of familiar pieces.  Now that I have discovered new outfits in my closet, I'm realizing exactly what staples are missing from my wardrobe and only focusing on finding those pieces when I do go shopping.

Pass the award on to five others.

If you want to check out some great reads, click any of the blogs above!

Versatile Blogger Award!

I had such an awesome surprise as I was checking my comments the other night, thanks to Sweet Confessions! Run over and check out Shelby's blog, you won't be disappointed!! :)

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself.

  1. I have this weird thing about odd numbers.  I just hate them. 
  2. A few of my all time favorite movies are Sound of Music and The Parent Trap (old version).
  3. I hate the realization that my college budget just can't keep up with my expensive clothing taste.
  4. I have a lot of pink things around my apartment, but my favorite color is blue.
  5. When I first started reading blogs, I never thought I would ever make my own.
  6. Stephen and I are having our engagement pictures taken at the fair! I'm so excited!
  7. I wish I would have stuck with dancing (tap, ballet, and jazz).  I quit when I was 13, because I had too much going on.  I sure have missed it.
Rule #3: Pass the award on to 15 bloggers that you recently discovered (some of these are my favorite blogs too!)

Congratulations to...

Interview with Ale of Rosaspina Vintage!

The lovely Ale of the blog, Rosaspina Vintage agreed for me to post a little interview I conducted with her. Ale takes beautiful photographs for her blog, and has the best sense of style! I always enjoy her posts. To my delight, I found out Ale was also an illustrator and I asked her to create some special pieces for Audrey Grace. Previews of which you can see below. Hope you enjoy the interview, and check out Ale's beautiful blog here: Rosaspina Vintage!

How would you describe your style in a sentence?
It all depends on how I’m feeling when I wake up. Sometimes I feel like wearing romantic frocks with pretty details, sometimes I go for a more preppy schoolgirl look, sometimes you can even see me in a 40s buttoned dresscoat and long leather gloves. I do enjoy a lot mixing vintage with modern. But whatever I'm wearing, the key thing for me is to feel comfortable. Oops, that was more than one sentence ;)

What are your favorite fashion brands and designers?
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Orla Kiely, her retro aesthetic keeps very consistent season after season yet it always feels fresh, never ceasing to leave me smitten. 
My weakness for fun prints extends of course to Liberty fabrics, and I always find in Nadinoo's collections something to fall in love with.
Max&co is another favorite of mine, high sartorial quality and italian taste, chic yet wearable, I adore it.

What is the inspiration behind your blog, Rosaspina Vintage?
I started my blog one year ago when I set up my vintage shop on Etsy, it was just a little room for my store updates and inspiration, I definitely wasn't expecting that it would take on a life of its own! I'm amazed at the number of lovely people, new designers and charming style blogs I came across along the way and it's such a relaxing and creative past time for me, I'm truly enjoying it. 

Tell me a little bit about what you have created for Audrey Grace Boutique?
I have created a series of four illustrations inspired by Jaclyn's favorite style icons: Audrey Hepburn, Alexa Chung, Tennessee Thomas and Kirsten Dunst. The four lovely ladies will eventually come to life appearing on tote bags, clothing items and limited edition prints. 

Tell me about the process behind your illustrations?
Well I always start with visual reference, possibly from reality, making quick scribbles on paper to capture the idea and lock the composition I have in mind. Then I start sketching with more detail until I'm happy with the overall feel and at that point I decide which technique I'm going to use for the final illustration. I adore the feel of color pencils, they will always be my favorite, but lately I'm also doing a lot of digital work, it's fun, and it lets me draw quickly without worrying about clumsy accidents (see dropping watercolors onto a finished work, eep!)

What type of girl do you see collecting your art?
Ladies with a sense of humor and a love for retro dresses and pretty collars!

Who is your vintage style icon?
The one and only, Mary Poppins! Boater hats, carpet bags, well tailored jackets and victorian lace ups? Yes please! And she is such a strong, smart and fun woman, I've always had a huge girl crush on her.

Your modern day style icon?
There are so many pretty ladies out there… I adored Carey Mulligan in An Education, her wardrobe is simply dreamy, from the first school outfits to her ladylike frocks. Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road and Mildred Pierce, so feminine, elegant and with real woman curves. I always end up loving what Keira Knightley picks for her outfits, she's always so effortlessly chic. And of course vintage style bloggers are my favorite daily inspiration.

Describe your perfect day?
I'm a lazy gal, so a perfect day would certainly start with a nice long sleep! Then I would get my straw basket ready for a girly picnic in the woods, I can't wait to see all those gorgeous gold and red leaves again. In the afternoon I'd curl up on the couch with my cat, watching something like The Neverending Story with a cup of hot chocolate! And to finish, a simple dinner date with my loved one in our favorite pizza restaurant: good food is crucial in my perfect day :)

What would be your dream job?
I wanted to work in animation since I was a little girl and eventually that dream came true. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love for a living, waking up in the morning and feeling happy to grab my pencil is something I wouldn't trade with any other job in the world!

What are your favorite Audrey (Hepburn) and Grace (Kelly) films and looks that they have worn?
The reason why I love Audrey is that she always looks amazing even with the most basic thing on and I adore her in Roman Holiday, sporting a simple white blouse with a high waisted full skirt, all brightened up by a fun striped scarf.
As for Grace Kelly, although her most memorable wardrobe might be the one in Rear Window, I love her more casual holiday outfits in To Catch A Thief. 

What is your most coveted fashion item for fall?
I'm very much into hats, my collection is actually getting a bit out of control but I can't resist a good quality wool felt hat, especially if it's vintage. This season I'm on the hunt for the perfect 20s hat, its uncomplicated elegance makes it wearable everyday and protects your ears in the windiest days!

Who are your favorite artists?
I've always been influenced by Art Nouveau and I'm deeply in love with Alphonse Mucha's work, from the advertising and book illustrations to the oil paintings, the quick pencil sketches and his photography series. I had the fortune to admire his original works last year with my own eyes and was completely blown away by the perfect elegance of his lines, incredible draftsmanship and taste for composition. 
I'm also a big fan of Quentin Blake children's books, so fresh and fun to look at. And Mary Blair of course, oh such a talented, innovative and stylish lady! If I could travel through time I would definitely love to meet her for a cup of tea!

What is the future for Rosaspina Vintage?
Well I'll definitely keep writing on it, it's such a relaxing past time and it gave me the chance to meet adorable ladies who share my same interests. Some of them became very special friends to me so I feel very grateful to my blog :) There's actually a couple of exciting projects I'm working on and I can't wait to share them, but for now it's a surprise!

Thank you so much, Ale!

Seeking Fashion Advice

As the fall weather is rapidly approaching, or should I say trying to settle in, I've got my eye on some rain boots.  A specific brand of rain boots.  I have always wanted a pair of Hunters, I think this year will finally be the year that I will break down and purchase them.  Now comes the even harder part...what color?  I really like the original green color, but some little voice in my head tells me to go for a more neutral color, such as black or navy.  So here is when you come in...please leave a comment and let me know what color you would choose from...green, black, or navy! 

With the price tag and on a college budget, I really want to make smart decision that I won't regret in the future, so any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)