New Arrivals - Clarendon

Vivienne Tam green silk print dress
Size 6 $88.95

Adrienne Vittadini cognac wedge booties
Size 7.5 $38.95

Rodarte for Target blouse
Size 6 $12.95

Rafe "Mary Anne" minaudiere $166.95

Alexandre Birman oxford booties
Size 7.5 $232.95

Utterly Random

Veggie Ranch Pizza
I tried this recipe a few weeks back and it is super yummy. The ease of it is just icing on the cake. 

Can I just say how much I adore Piperlime. Precious stuff and free shipping... the complete package. Their "Girl on a Budget" section was made for me.

Taziki's and Newk's
Atlanta got a Newk's a few months back and Taziki's is about to open a few minutes from our apartment. Can I get a woohoo? Finally a little bit of home is making it's way to the ATL.

This bad boy has been my lifesaver these past few days. A little 90s throwback sprinkled with some Whitney does wonders for the soul. Seriously a must when I need to focus.

I am really in the mood for some DIY. My last attempt at a homemade wreath was a disaster.... a poor, pitiful sight. I think I need a TJ (Trader Joe's) run for cheap wine, pump up the aforementioned Pandora and paint a beautiful picture. Sounds like a date. 

Laughing Cow Cheese
You know the commercials I am referring to... the one where the woman looks so happy eating a tiny, measily wedge of cheese. Well, they are actually really good! I don't think I am grinning from ear to ear while eating it but I bought the mozzarella, sun-dried tomato basil ones... a pretty tasty afternoon snack.

Aaron and I went to Cinebistro in Brookhaven the other weekend and we were sold. Tickets are the same price as other theaters, yet Cinebistro has massive leather chairs for you to enjoy. And.... you can drink/eat a full meal here. Unlike the AMC Buckhead the waiters will not serve you during the movie to minimize interruptions. In love.

Spring has sprung
.... or is in the process of springing. I love fresh flowers, sitting outside and driving with the windows down. Ah can't wait.

New Arrivals - Logan Circle

Banana Republic floral silk dress
Size 0 $53.95

Rebecca Taylor silk dandelion print skirt
Size 2 $58.95

Diane Von Furstenberg cotton brushstroke print dress
Size 8 $118.95

Lilly Pulitzer cotton print cardigan
Size S $55.95

BCBG creme silk dress
Size 2 $126.95

Family Addition

So we did it! We got another bully, Miss Winnifred, and she is the sweetest thing ever! Like seriously, the sweetest.

You may be speed-dialing the psych ward but we really did think it out. Reasons for all you doubters:
1. Winston is super lonely. He won't eat sometimes when he comes back from a weekend with his cousin, Aubie. The kid needed a friend.
2. We aren't having kids anytime soon. We can't even close on this dang house, much less be able to house a little one. We are also never in one place for too long...I can't even find time to sleep a few extra hours. Maybe in a few years after I have traveled to the places on my bucket list we can re-address this topic:)
3. Winston's mom was retiring from Mommyhood. Winnifred was from her last litter and I think it is the cutest thing that they are half-siblings. They even look alike.

How is Winston taking it, you ask? Well, he doesn't realize that his feet are the size of her head nor does he realize that when he loses her he should just look down... she is most likely hiding under his belly. Lately he just rests his head on her bed to see what she is doing or attempts to steal her toys when she isn't looking.

There is a lot of Bully love in this house now :)

Guest post from Hannah

Today I am so excited to have Hannah from The Pink and Green Prep posting for me! Her blog is so cute and she has some awesome tips for me and my readers today!

Hello!! I'm Hannah and I write the blog The Pink and Green Prep. If y'all don't read my blog, I'll give you a little bit of a background. I'm from Memphis, Tennessee but I live in Connecticut until I head off to college in the fall. Since I'm in the midst of graduating high school, I thought I would give y'all some advice on the college process and senior year!! Here are my tips!!

1. Take as many advanced/AP/honors classes as you can possibly handle. If your school offers AP's and if you have the grades for them, take them!! They are a great way to bump up your academic resume. Advanced classes are like candy to colleges; they absolutely crave them and they make you as a candidate look great.

2. Do applications and supplements as early and as efficiently as you can. I cannot stress this enough, it is absolutely awful to put off college work to the last minute. I speak from experience: I was filling out my 7-question-ridiculously-hard supplement from Wake Forest 2 days before it was due on January 1st. It was a huge mistake and it's not worth the stress. The Common App goes live on August 1st, so fill out the easy questions before school starts. Get it out of the way and you'll feel much better.

3. Visit colleges before you decide which ones you're applying to. Get all of your college visits out of the way in your junior year, so that during senior fall you can focus on apps and your schoolwork. Also, you could think that you love a college but end up hating it when you visit!! Just because someone tells you that you might like a college does not mean you are going to. Here's a story: over the summer before my senior year, I made my "top colleges" list, comprising of Vanderbilt, SMU, Auburn, and Wake Forest. I had already seen Vanderbilt, so I knew that I loved it, but since people told me that I would be great at SMU and Auburn, I believed that I would automatically like it. Noooo. I visited SMU and Auburn over one weekend my senior fall and I ended up not liking either of them. I had to completely revise my college list after that. VISIT COLLEGES SOON. DO IT.

4. An easy way to look more attractive to colleges is to have a great extracurricular list. Colleges look for involvement as well as dedication. It's good to create clubs at school, do community service, be on a sports team, be involved in the school musical or play...anything!! Most college advisors will tell y'all this, but the extracurricular list is really important and SO EASY.

5. Don't depend on only one school. Have a first choice, of course, but always remember to have a second choice, a third choice, etc....don't put all of your eggs in one basket!! You never know what's going to happen and you need to be prepared. My college advisor told me that I need a positive plan and then a backup plan for my first choice school. Crazy things happen during college season and it's good to have alternative situations planned out!

I hope that this helps everyone!! The college search is a crazy time for everyone, so don't feel as though you're the only one stressed out and frazzled!! This sounds cliché gets better!! Soon enough y'all will be into college and having a great time!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!! Good luck to dWa on her college visits!!!

xoxo, Hannah

La Belle Nuit

Some very exciting things happening! Below is a preview of a video shoot styled by myself and shot by the lovely Serena and modeled by the always precious Katy. There is also an original song that will be featured in the video. I don't want to give too much way, but the video will be used to promote the NYC Audrey Grace pop up shop, and from what I have seen so far it's going to be magical.

Headband by, vintage dress both available at Audrey Grace

Guest Post from Emily E.

Today I have Emily E. from The Wide World of E as my guest poster. I love that she is just a year older than me and can inform me of all the important things I may need to know when applying or visiting colleges and today her post applies to my busy life as well! Also, while on my trip my Chi hair straightener broke and I need to replace it and I was wondering if y'all knew of anything better to replace it with. Also I have heard rumors that you can take it to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and tell them it is broken that they will give you a new one for free no questions asked. If any of y'all know anything about that or have any suggestions PLEASE comment! Now back to the lovely Emily and her fabulous post!

Hey everyone! My name is Emily from The Wide World of E and I'm guest blogging for dWa today. 
I'm so excited that she asked me to blog again! This time, I'll be talking about getting involved in your school community. 

I moved from Rhode Island my freshman year of high school, so needless to say, I was even more lost than the average freshman. Everyone is always told that in order to "find yourself" in high school, you need to get involved. However, in some schools, especially those that are bigger, there are so many options on what to get involved in that it can be challenging to know what to sign up for. Then, there are cases where nothing really sparks your interest. Here's some steps on how to get involved, whether you are in middle school, high school, or college!

1. Think about YOU!
What are your interests? If you could do one thing for an entire year and not worry about anything else, what would you do? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? When I thought about my passions, a few things came to mind: sailing, empowering people, self improvement, leadership, school spirit, and community service. Yes, you can have more than one! This can be hard to think about in your head. My suggestion is write it down! List everything! List moments that made you the happiest, times you felt motivated, what motivated you, who you admire and why, you get the idea. 

2. Do some research.
Now you have your list. You know where your talents and passions lie, so now, you need to start searching. Look for different clubs, sports, programs, etc. that your school offers that correspond to the things on your list. For me, I found the Varsity Sailing Team, Student Leadership, National Honor Society, and a summer job as a Sailing Instructor. This covered some things on my list, but not everything. This may happen to you, too, whether it be due to a lack of organizations your school offers, your interests, etc. Don't worry! This can be a good thing! I wanted to do a service club for Operation Smile, but our whole county, let alone school, did not offer it. So I started a club. You can do this, too! There are many schools that won't allow students to start clubs, so if this is your circumstance, just start the club and meet at a home, library, or other local place. That way, you can still pursue your passion! 

3. Throw yourself into it!
Okay, not literally. What I mean is, get super involved! Don't ever just sign up for something because you think it will look good on a resume. Trust me, the reader can see it. Get involved because you truly have a desire for it. Take on some responsibilities, try for leadership positions, spread your passion with others. Sometimes, you can use one passion in multiple areas. For example, I used my passion for Operation Smile in my other activities. I was the President of my yacht club's juniors (people under 18). We run a summer long fundraiser for an organization, so I chose Op Smile as ours last summer. As a sailing instructor, I motivated my students to get involved in our project so that they could learn about Op Smile. In school, we ran a TOMS Style Your Sole night with proceeds going to Op Smile. Do you see what I mean? You need to spread your passion wherever you go in whatever you do. Bottom line: whatever you do, just do it well. 

4. Empower others to do the same.
This one is really important; more important than most people realize. To truly have a passion for something means wanting to share it with others. That person does not have to be a soccer player like you, but maybe through your efforts with doing a soccer ball drive for kids in Argentina, coaching a recreational team, and being the leader of your school's athletic club, they saw their potential to do similar things with their passion for playing the cello. Encourage them to pursue these dreams. You could even offer to help them get started. 

5. Keep it in perspective and get organized.
None of us can do 36 hours of work in a 24 hour day. That is impossible. Don't ever take on more than you can handle because your job or your schoolwork comes first. You can, though, do more than you think. I'm told at least once a week that I spread myself too thin. The thing is, I don't. At all. I always answer this the same way, "I really don't. I'm just really good friends with my planner." Honestly, that is the key to EVERYTHING! If you can schedule and stay on your schedule, then trust me, you can do anything. The more organized you are, the better! There are so many ways to get organized and everyone has their own preferences. My advice is, figure out what works for you. When are you the most productive? Why? How can you do that every single day? Once you figure that out, all you have to do is do it. 

I hope these tips help! If you need any suggestions for how to get involved or need ideas on projects, don't hesitate to email me at!

Thank you so much again to dWa for letting me guest blog! 

Have a great day,

Guest Post from Emily C.

Today Emily Carnes from Trainin' to Texas is my guest poster!

My name is Emily from Trainin' to be a Texan.  I am so excited and honored to be guest posting for dWa while she is out visiting colleges!

In honor of her college visits (and possible job interviews), I wanted to share some super cute interview outfits/tips with you.  My husband and I moved to Texas (from Georgia) shortly after graduating from college, and I immediately had to start the interview process.  And now, we'll be moving BACK to Georgia this coming summer, so I'll be out in the interview world once again.  I don't consider myself a style expert b any means, but, I have had my fair share of interviews, so I'll share my opinions with you!

Here are some stylish and comfy outfits I've found on Pinterest  that I think would be perfect for interviews!...
Are you as obsessed with Pinterest as I am!?  I would love to follow your boards and see what you pin!

(These pins can all be seen-and linked back to the original-on my Style board.)

Not totally sure about the watch on this one, but I LOVE the skirt...and the ear rings!  

So I'm not totally in love with ALL of this outfit, BUT pair the ruffle shirt with a color pop (via. cardigan) and I think it would be beautiful!

Love this whole look. It's good to not go crazy with jewlery, and to be conservation--but, it's SO IMPORTANT to keep your own personal style.  So, don't be afraid to add that pop of color!

Again, pop of a cardigan!  (Are you seeing a trend? ha)

Love the white/green combo.  I'd maybe put a skirt wth it!

And, sorry the last picture is so blurry, but...

I LOVE everything about this look.  And of course, I would put a cardigan over it--maybe an animal print to play off of the red!?

What are you favorite interview outfits!?  Don't be afraid to be yourself with dressing for an interview.  Give them something to remember you by!

Thanks again, dWa, for allowing me the opportunity to guest post!  I love every opportunity to meet new friends!

New Arrivals - Old Town

Trina Turk strapless dress
Size 0 $78.95

Trina Turk neon print dress
Size 2 $115.95

Dolce Vita over-the-knee boots
Size 6 $98.95

J. Crew red velvet blazer
Size 10 $38.95

J. Crew tweed jacket
Size 4 $242.95

Guest Post from Gabriella

Todays guest poster is Gabby with some fashion ideas!

Hello, it's Gabby from! I'd like to introduce the little lace, black dress--casual enough for a lunch date yet classy enough to wear with pearls come nighttime. Your Audrey moments just got incredibly spring-appropriate. I could wear this dress (in black) any day of the week. I recommend this dress for an evening event. Warning: Wear these dresses now because come late spring it'll be all about the white lace. The Reeve Dress Lace might just be my graduation Lilly.

Take Ivy! --G

New Arrivals - Clarendon

Shoshanna multi color silk dress
Size 8 $128.95

Prairie NY peach blouse
Size large $84.95

Elizabeth & James leather pumps
Size 8 $122.95

Rebecca Taylor maroon studded silk blouse
Size 4 $88.95

Wren paisley silk skirt
Size 4 $98.95

Guest post from Sarah

Today I have Sarah from Shorelines and Sunshines sharing fun things with you! Hope you will go check out her blog and enjoy her post

Hi Everyone! I'm Sarah from Shorelines and Sunshine and I wanted to share with you all today my favorite chapstick choices.

Growing up in the Midwest, I definitely know how to stay warm during the winter months, and the wrong chapstick can completely ruin your day. I find that it's best to avoid anything with peppermint or mint oils in it because those tend to chap lips even more, and I love using products that are organic or good for the environment.

Chapstick Moisturizer. It's the most simple and for me, works the best of anything I've tried. It's so smooth, and I love that it has SPF 15. I've also found that it works great with lipsticks if you want to create a lip stain.

EOS lip balm in honeysuckle. I recently tried this and I'm in love! I keep one in my backpack for school, and although it rolled away once, it's been super reliable and trusty ever since. I always get complements on how it looks from others, and it works better than I could've imagined. I definitely want to try the hand lotion and smooth stick.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Quenched. I also tried the recently, and I love how soft my lips feel after I use it for a little while. It has SPF 20 which is really great, but it tastes a little like sunscreen. Maybe that's just the "quenched" flavor though...

Burt's Bees with Pomegranate Oil. I use this whenever I want really great hydration, but also a little color. Something about the pomegranate in the balm makes my lips turn the most natural rosy shade. It's really nice when I don't want to wear lipstick, but want to have a little color.

What are you favorite chapsticks? Any recommendations?

A HUGE thank you goes out to dWa for letting me guest post while she's away on college visits. I remember when I was going on those four years ago.

Thanks so much!