Finds of the Day

Here are my "Top Tuesday" picks!!!

Pick #1:
These adorable Jack Rogers flats regularly retail for $198, but they are on sale for $59.90 at Rue La La today only!  To purchase, go here: Jack Rogers flats @ Rue La La

Pick #2:

How cool are these Sesto Meucci leather wedges?  They aren't your typical wedge sandal --- they make a sophisticated statement..... but they also normally come with a $242 price tag.  You can get them for $59.90 today only at Rue La La!  To purchase: Sesto Meucci Sandals @ Rue La La

Pick #3:

I have a thing for glass and gold-toned metal tables lately, and this Jazmin table from Joss & Main is perfect for people who want a little extra sparkle in their living area!  I adore the faux bamboo detailing.  Normally almost $700, this end table is affordably priced during their furniture finds sale for $289 and change :)  Shop here: Abraham Side Table @ Joss and Main

Pick #4:

I tried on this silk bengaline Shoshanna dress at Monkee's the other day, and I fell in love with it.... the fit is incredible! (Oh, and it has POCKETS!)  Normally it is $295, but bluefly has the pink, grey, and cerise on sale for $82.79 for a limited time.  Shop here: Shoshanna Bengaline Dress @ Bluefly

Pick #5:
This Lamshop monogrammed table featured on One Kings Lane is classic, yet different enough to really catch your eye.  I love the asian-influenced legs combined with the preppy monogram stripe.  These elite tables are $3,325 (yes, you read that correctly...yikes!) but today's One Kings Lane boutique sale features them for $1,999.  If this price tag is a little high for you, don't worry:  this could be a really great DIY project!  To shop: Lamshop Table @ One Kings Lane

Pick #6:
I have been wanting a ceramic garden stool (to use as an end table), but I've had a hard time finding one that I really like.  This one from West Elm comes pretty close, and it also comes with a great price tag! $129, can't beat that.  Shop here: White Bubbles Ceramic Stool @ West Elm

Pick #7:

So I got this email from Swoozie's this morning.... while most of the emails that I get from them usually get deleted quickly, something about this monogram cuff caught my eye!  I'm glad I kept reading, because this plastic resin cuff is seriously cool :)  At only $19.95, it is an absolute steal too.  There are almost 30 different prints to choose from, and several monogram styles as well.  Check it out here: Monogram Patterned Cuff @ Swoozie's

Pick #8:
This charcoal ash Moderno Trellis wool rug from Rugs USA might need to come home with me!  I love the graphic print on this rug, and the scale of the pattern.  The 6x9 rug is $354.89 and available here:  Ash Moderno Trellis rug @ Rugs USA

Pick #9:

Looking for a great gold toned sunburst mirror?  I found one!  $79 will get you this beauty :)  Shop here: Gold Sunburst Mirror @

Pick #10:

Bauble Bar has quickly become one of my favorite go-to sites for great costume jewelry.  There is already a wait list for this Peony Elisa necklace, priced at $42.  Get it here:  Elisa Necklace @ Bauble Bar

Happy hunting :)

Preptastic Monday :)

Here is some cheerful preppy inspiration to get through your Monday! :)

Essential Under T's

Overcoming All Odd’s: Despite Disability, 60-Year-Old Woman Launches Own Business
Essential Under T’s

 Barbara Read is no stranger to adversity.  Eight years ago, as a result of Central Nervous System Vasculitis, Read was diagnosed with a short-term memory impairment that has affected her ability to find sustainable employment.  Though Read has been receiving disability pay and services over the last few years, she has yearned to find a means to financially support herself.  However, due to her disability and lack of employment over the last five years, Read’s job opportunities are limited.

As a means to achieve financial stability and get off disability pay, Read created a vision to launch her own business, showcasing a clothing product that she conceptualized.  The idea was initiated by a personal experience that Read had on a very hot summer day while in church. Read was wearing a chic summer dress that she had layered with a t-shirt for modesty, but found herself hot and sweaty from the added layers.  Wishing for a lighter, more breathable, more feminine and formal alternative—the idea for Essential Under T’s was born.

Read has worked tirelessly for two years to bring her vision to life and has since designed a product that offers several unique qualities.  The cornerstone feature of Read’s product is a short design, which cuts off just below the chest to avoid un-needed layering over the torso.  Essential Under T’s are also distinguished by lace trim, a flattering neckline, and added coverage over the shoulders for strappy dresses and blouses.

To create the product, Read devoted hundreds of hours, including a number of personal trips to the Los Angeles garment district to find an affordable fabric that aligned with her vision.   Nearly a year later, with the help of Read’s favorite “lace man” Albert, Read found just what she had been looking for!

In the spring of 2011, Read’s Vocational Rehabilitation counselor referred her to the Orem Small Business Development (SBDC), an organization that helps entrepreneurs formalize and launch small business startups.  Read was introduced to Marynika Miche’, a business consultant at the SBDC who helped her write a business plan, put financials together, and complete paperwork for a Vocational Rehabilitation grant that would provide Read with critical startup funds.  “The SBDC has been a great blessing in my life.  I needed someone to come along and set me on the right course,” said Read.  “Marynika worked effortlessly on my Performa income statements, monthly cash flows, and estimated startup costs.”

In June of 2012, Read was awarded a small business startup grant from Vocational Rehabilitation to launch Essential Under T’s.  The 22,500-dollar award is a significant milestone for Read’s journey as an entrepreneur—helping cover the much-needed costs associated with prototyping and manufacturing products during the first year of business.

In recognition for her hard work and determination, the Orem SBDC has selected Barbara Read to receive a Small Business Award for the second quarter of 2012. “I believe Barbara has what it takes to make this a success,” said Miche’.    “She has worked so hard to create her product and to receive the grant.  This hard work and persistence deserves recognition.”

Wisdom Teeth

Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth! They are evacuating my mouth! I am dreading this and rather nervous but by the time this post is up they will be out of my mouth. I will be a chipmunk and out of my senses (which scares me most!). Cross your fingers for me and ignore any odd posts!


I am back!

I am finally back at home after an amazing month at camp and week at the beach! It is sad that those two summer outings are over but I am glad to be back at home with dependable wifi! Y'all can look forward to regular updates again as I am thrilled to be back to posting! The next three or four days posting wise may not be all too consistent because tomorrow I am getting my wisdom teeth out (Wah!). After that though I will do my best to update daily (Hooray!).

Glad to be back!

Hallo Valerie for Audrey Grace

Last month, the beautiful Valerie from Hallo Valerie did a shoot for the Audrey Grace. If you are not familiar with her blog, be sure to pop over and have a look. Valerie's photography and aesthetic is stunning. She also took some time to answer some interview questions for me, which are posted below. Hope you enjoy the photo shoot and be sure to shop Valerie's looks here

Model: Valerie Enriquez, Styling: Valerie Enriquez and Jaclyn Bethany, Make-up, Hair and Photography: Vanessa Enriquez, Editing: Valerie Enriquez
Location: Balboa Japanese Garden, Los Angeles, California

Dress, Alyssa Nicole for Audrey Grace, sweater and sunglasses Valerie's own, Capelet and Belt, Valerie's own, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet
Asos sweater, Valerie's own, vintage dress from Audrey Grace, Alexandra Grecco headband from Audrey Grace
Asos sweater, Valerie's own, vintage dress from Audrey Grace, Alexandra Grecco headband from Audrey Grace, tights and Topshop shoes Valerie's own, and purse, vintage
Asos sweater, Valerie's own, vintage dress from Audrey Grace, Alexandra Grecco headband from Audrey Grace
Asos sweater, Valerie's own, vintage dress from Audrey Grace, Alexandra Grecco headband from Audrey Grace, purse, Valerie's own 
Dress, Alyssa Nicole for Audrey Grace, sweater and sunglasses Valerie's own

Hello Valerie. Tell me a little bit about yourself- your style, and your blog.
Hello! I'm twenty-four years old and study Graphic Design and Art History on most days. I've also been a photographer for many years, focusing on bands like Phoenix, Sigur Ros, among others (can be linked to: Since I was sixteen, my style has always been about locating the perfect dress, with a full skirt and lovely details. On my blog I focus on what inspires me in day-to-day life, with the help of photography, nostalgia, flowers, and delicious food.
What have you been doing today? L.A. has such beautiful weather! Has it been nice today?
I started my day off by eating crepes with berries, lemon curd, and powdered sugar - so I'd say it's been amazing thus far. The weather in Los Angeles is often immaculate, and it's today it's no different!
What do you like about living in L.A.? What are your favorite places to visit and shop?
I was born and raised here, so I am very accustomed to being near the ocean, mountains and plenty of retro diners. I like that you can do almost anything here and that it hardly rains. I created quite an extensive Los Angeles guide (link to: on my blog but I'll say that everyone should visit the Huntington Library for sightseeing, Bottega Louie for delicious food, and shop at Playclothes in Burbank for vintage finds. 
Favorite magazines?
I've always preferred novels, but I love collecting Self Service because the typography is luxurious.
Who are your favorite fashion designers?
It depends on the season, but I'd say Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Peter Jensen, Miu Miu and Rachel Comey.
Who is your style icon?
It's a mix between Sofia Coppola for her simplicity and Grace Kelly for her classic attire. 
What could you see yourself buying from the Audrey Grace online store?
Anything that's vintage and feminine. I especially loved the Miss Patina dress that I wore and the heart cut-out dress!
What other blogs/bloggers do you admire?
I tend to appreciate blogs which capture many aspects of a person's life and what inspires them, in a way that's unique to them. My favorite are Le Portillion, Hjartesmil and Siouxie and the Laces.
Tell me about the shoot you did for Audrey Grace. And if you were describing Audrey Grace to a friend, how would you describe it? 
The shoot was completed with the help of my sister Vanessa, so we were quite a small and efficient team! We spent the whole day at a Japanese Garden and wanted to capture some of the retro qualities of the hedges and gardens, to go alongside the dresses. It was a lovely day. I would describe Audrey Grace as being full of unique pieces that look great on everyone.

Dress by Miss Patina, shop it here, Sam Edelman shoes
Dress by Miss Patina, shop it here, Sam Edelman shoes, Valerie's own hair bow, purse Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton
Dress by Miss Patina, shop it here, Sam Edelman shoes, purse Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

Dress by Miss Patina, shop it here, Sam Edelman shoes, Valerie's own hair bow
Dress, Alyssa Nicole for Audrey Grace, sweater and sunglasses Valerie's own, Capelet and Belt, Valerie's own, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bracelet 
Dress by Valerie Tolosa, shop it here. Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, Valerie's own purse 
Dress by Valerie Tolosa, shop it here. Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes, Valerie's own purse

New Arrivals- Old Town

Tory Burch purple silk ruffle v-neck blouse
Size 8 $68.95
Modern Vintage nude snakeskin gladiator square heel
Size 7.5 $84.95
Juicy Couture orange/white silk chiffon print dress
Size 2 $64.95
Urban Expressions tan/cream woven straw w/ leather trim clutch
Isabel Lu beige lace/crochet dress
Size L $56.95

Coral & Grey: Contemplating a master bedroom refresh...

Therre is a significant chance that my husband and I will be relocating in the next few months, and thinking about finding a new place to live has me craving a new master bedroom makeover.   The thing is, I really don't want to start from scratch.  Whenever we move, i'll have to design the other bedrooms (no clue what I want to do there yet!), so i'll already have my hands full.  Since I still like existing pieces we have in our bedroom design right now, I figured that it would be much more practical to do a "refresh" instead.  Currently, our room is a mix of crisp white, silver, and dark grey. 

To get a fresh look, i'm contemplating throwing in coral and mixed patterns.  I don't want coral all over the place, just pops of it.  I kind of like the way coral and neutrals (especially grey) look together.....

I like the balance of the coral in this room.... but I think there is too much white for my taste.

I think these coral and grey invitations are just too cute!

How gorgeous is this graphic headboard???

Some more cool rooms with the coral/grey palatte:

This bedroom is probably the closest thing I've found to the look I'm going for:

More bright pops of coral....

Here's the inspiration for my "theme board":

Photo from Centsational Girl (love this headboard)

I've already ordered some of the new pieces for our room, and they are on their way:)  I'll be sure to post some before & after pics as soon as the new stuff arrives! Hopefully I'll be able to get everything added to our room before we actually have to move.....