Creative Storage & Shelving --- Organize with Flair

From Better Homes & Gardens
Storage doesn't just have to be practical---it can be pretty too!    I absolutely adore the look of customized storage & shelving, and it's right on trend at the moment.   One of my next DIY projects is going to be installing small spotlights in the bookcases in our family room, along with lining the back of the inset shelves with patterned fabric.    

There are so many different ways to beautify and customize shelving and storage areas.   Wallpaper (usually on the back or interior of shelves), paint, baskets, decorative knobs, crown moulding, glass doors, and adding hanging picture frames/mirrors are just a few ways to spice things up.   Especially since most people feel that they never have enough storage, it's very important to make the most of what you've got!   Here are some great examples that I got inspiration from.


Courtesy of

Photo from,
featuring the IKEA Expedit bookcase
Photo from
Photo from

By M Design LA

Martha Stewart
Photo from

Design by Olivieau,
photo from

Design by Ruthie Sommers

Photo via

The Traditional Home online

From the IKEA website
Photo from,
Featuring the IKEA Expedit bookcase

From the lifeofarealochousewife.blogspot

I'm thinking that using a stencil to create a custom pattern would be really beautiful too.... how cool would that look on a wall behind floating shelves, or on the interior of bookcase cubes?   Another thing that inspired me about these pictures is the WAY that things are arranged on the shelves.  Instead of just organizing books vertically, try stacking them on their sides to create little horizontal book towers.   You can use simple and colorful organizing containers/boxes to clean up the clutter, re-purpose glass and decorative scupltures as book-ends, and hang framed pictures on the shelves to dress up the storage vignettes.   

Virgin Light

I was very excited to collaborate with one of my favorite photographers, Dan Estabrook on a shoot with designs by Alexandra Grecco. Here are the results!

Photographer: Dan Estabrook
Stylist: Jaclyn Bethany
Designer: Alexandra Grecco
Photo Assistants: Lucy Clark and Lisa Lindamood
Hair: Mandy Bisesti
Makeup: Stefani Padilla
Model: Emma Cline

Dress, Alexandra Grecco for Audrey Grace, bracelet by Electric Eccentricity
Dress and bracelet see above, shoes by Jill Stuart
Top and Skirt by Alexandra Grecco, ring by Nikki Montenegro
Dress worn as top by Frances Baker, skirt and tights by Alexandra Grecco, shoes by Jill Stuart
Dress by Alexandra Grecco for Audrey Grace, hair clip by
Floral crown and dress by Alexandra Grecco for Audrey Grace
Gloves and dress by Alexandra Grecco for Audrey Grace
Dress by Alexandra Grecco for Audrey Grace, bracelet by Mary Kate Steinmiller
Floral crown and dress by Alexandra Grecco

Prom is here!

Today is Prom! All the anticipation and stress and excitement has all come to this! Tonight is the night and I can't wait to have a blast with my friends! I won't be posting any pictures to the blog tonight but if you follow me on Instagram you are more likely to see pictures earlier! My Instagram name is prepinyourstep so check that out if you would like! Fortunately we get out of school at 11:30 today and I can come home and shower and get ready! All the girls in our prom group are heading to my friends hose at 2:30ish to get ready and hang out before the boys come to take pictures and get the limo before heading to dinner. We then head to our dinner reservation eat and take more pictures and then to prom we go! By this point I will be stressed because I have to announce callouts but it will be all typed out and done so hopefully at that point I will be able to use common skills and read them off of the sheet of paper! We will all head to prom and then after prom everyone is invited to a big breakfast in the theatre of our school which will have desserts and breakfast items yumm! After that all the girls are going back to my friends house and spending the night! I know I will be exhausted come the end of the night but fingers crossed that hair, makeup, and nails turn out in my favor and I hope y'all have had a fantastic week!

Famous faces

So I am an avid follower of anything about celebs. It is really weird but who cares.

I let my Us Weekly subscription pass so I have been majorly out of the loop. But... let's discuss some of the my highlights.

Image: Us Weekly
Maybe it is just me but Jessica Simpson looks like the could blow up any second. I kind of feel like she needs to either pop out triplets or a 75 pound baby. She gives preggers a new meaning.

Image: People
I am so excited for Reese Witherspoon (like we are BFFs). She looks so happy with baby number three. She could be the cutest person ever.

Image: Celebuzz
I think my girl crush may be on Blake Lively. How is it even fair that she is so gorgeous? And she is even dating Mr. Hottie Ryan Reynolds. Such a hard life for the rich and beautiful.

Image: EOnline!
I can't decide how I feel about Miley. Yay or Nay? Her BF is a cutie but she seems a little to crazy to only be 19. I hope we don't have another Lindsay on our hands.

Image: Google
Sandra Bullock is my fav. And look at this little ball of love, Louis. I love a woman that can come out on top.
Image: Marie Claire
Who is this beauty, you may ask? Well this little trendsetter is Coco Beckham. Yes the bully baby of David and Posh. I love the pink nails :)

While we are showing bullies, meet Jacques Jolie-Pitt. He may be the fifteenth child at this point.

Just Madras

Since yesterday I talked about a cute company I decided that today I would do something similar! Today the company is Just Madras. I am sure that name is familiar to many of y'all and if not go check out the cute clothing that they have to offer! Since we are nearing summer and spring is officially here what better time is there to look at new clothing!
Here are my favorites:

The Madras Patchwork Jennifer Dress-Great Island

Kyle Pink Seersucker Skirt
This style is precious and such a fun staple!

Madras Plaid Patchwork Lucy Skirt- Sea Island

Seersucker Sophie Shorts
The best part of these shorts apart from the ruffle is that they can be monogrammed!

With all of these precious clothes, Just Madras has equally cute accessories! I am so sad that the do not have a retailer near me or I would have many of the products they offer! Do y'all have any Just madras clothes? Which products are your favorites?

And if y'all have any hair and makeup tips for prom please tell me anything and everything!

New Arrivals- Old Town

Nanette Lepore yellow/black/white print w/ beading
Size 6  $78.95
Missoni mixed brown wool tunic
Size M $72.95

St. John black sequin cardigan
Size S $88.95
Gucci black leather pumps
Size 8 $128.95
St. John tan/black/silver metallic tweed jacket
Size 8 $115.95

Lilly Pulitzer comes Home!

If you're a lover of all things Lilly Pulitzer, you should check out her home furniture and accessories line.   I'm a fan of Lilly, but the idea of having all-over prints in my home didn't really appeal to me at first.   But when I took a look at her furniture designs and fabrics designed especially for the home, I fell head over heels in love!
picture from Lilly Pulitzer home collection preview

 The best way to describe her home line is 'Lilly inspired '.   For the most part, it doesn't look like a Lilly fabric factory threw up all over someone's living room ;).   The pieces are upscale chic, and have a more grown-up Boca Raton feel to them.   And as you might expect, bright white is a common theme in her home collection.   You also see a lot of bamboo caning details, asian architectural influences, and pops of Lilly's signature pink, sunshine yellow, and soft blue.   Very fresh and fun.

picture from Palm Avenue boutique
If you fall in love with Lilly's new venture just like I did, be prepared to spend big.   The sticker prices of her Lilly Pulitzer home collection put her in the high-end furniture spectrum, with couches and chairs running in the two to four-thousand dollar range.   Then again, she also has things like placemats, mugs, napkin rings, and pillows that are all under $100.  

Online, you can find her collection at places like,, and   I've also noticed that a lot of the Lilly Pulitzer "via" shops (merchants authorized and licensed to sell Lilly Pulitzer, who buy their products wholesale directly from the designer) are starting to carry furniture collections.   The idea is to create a Lifestyle boutique for brand loyalists to be able to buy everything from clothes-to-home all in one spot.   Either way, if you have the opportunity to see these in person, do so!   Just like her clothes, everything in her home line is very well-done with impeccable attention to detail.