Travel Bucket List


If you aren't able to tell, my mind has been consumed with vacations, traveling, etc. ... so, I thought to share my bucket list of destinations. Aaron and I made a bucket list right after we got married, but he said that was private, blah, blah. So... at least I can share this list :)

New York City 

So before you go "I thought you just went there" ....  I did. But I didn't go with the hubs. I want to go on major NYC shopping expeditions and eat at celebrity-infested restaurants. I just love the hustle and bustle of New York because it is such a stark contrast from where I grew up.


Real reason I want to go to Napa.... the wine. Yeah that sounds uber bad of me but it is true. Vineyards are so pretty and elegant who wouldn't want to spend all day doing nothing but drinking good wine. Again that sounded bad.


I went to Alaska like 10 years ago with my mom and grandmother. It is a gorgeous state and I am not even an outdoorsy kind of person. I really want to go with Aaron because he would love all the "manly" activities and wildlife.


Now this is gonna make me sound like an uber freak but I love spy movies, TV shows, etc. I would love to be one but then you can't have an resemblance of a personal life. Russia is like the spy capital of the world so that is the only enticing part... Maybe just a day there. Kremlin then peace out.

Las Vegas

I hate gambling. Nothing moral about it... I just would rather buy clothes than loose my money in a game. That being said I do want to go to Vegas. Preferably while Celine Dion is still singing. She is like my musical idol. Again, Celine then peace out.


I have heard so many people complain that Paris is so dirty but at least they can complain because they have been. I have not but I would LOVE  to go. Cafes, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and other French things. I personally would not complain because it is just a luxury in itself to go.


Greece... gorgeous scenery and amazing food. You can't really say more than the beautiful scenery as seen here.


Thanks to Aaron I have a new found hobby, scuba diving. Belize has gorgeous scuba diving locations and the country is beautiful in itself. A must visit but maybe down the road.


Just like Belize, Australia has awesome diving spots, um like the Great Barrier Reef. Aaron has already been but I am sure he won't mind going again. And I just like the way they talk.


So British accents are awesome. Like I wish a British person would record my voicemail message because then everyone would want to call me (side note: I hate talking on the phone so this is just a thought).   England is so fancy with their history and royal family. Afternoon tea is so cute to me. And this is like the only other country where I know they can't talk about me because I know English too!


I am obsessed with anything Egyptian. I am a super freak and love the Mummy movies, Egyptian history books, etc. We even went to an Egyptian traveling exhibit a few years again with King Tut artifacts, tombs remnants and much more. The country may not be the safest but I would love to visit this part of the world.


This is a given, I wanna go back to Fiji. I would even live there for free... and I am not kidding. It is paradise and the people are amazing. They give you hope that there are nice people left in the world.


This is the next big place we wanna go. Both of our families are from there one way or another so it is only fitting to go back. This picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Sorry I want to go like everywhere in the world.  Maybe after we get a casa/house/abode (whatever word  you want to use) then we can discuss being world travelers.

If you hung in there for the whole thing, bless you :)


Happy Birthday Alexandria!

Happy Birthday Alexandria! I hope you have an absolutely amazing day! Miss you sista!

"I've got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine!"

Happy Birthday Meredith!

Meredith is one of my longest friends. We lived right down the street from each other and were inseparable. Sadly we went to separate colleges but we are still besties :)

Mere and her sweet momma

The precious couple

I could have located thousands more but decided not to....

Jeannine Tan

Jeannine Tan is a very talented Australian photographer. I am pleased to announce she will be part of an exhibit that will be in the shop! I love the way she mixes nature and fashion in her work.
Photos and interview with her below!

How old are you and where do you live? I'm 17 and live in Melbourne, Australia.
Can you tell me a little about your photographing process and where do you draw your inspiration from? I draw inspiration from the location, lighting, atmosphere at the time and my favourite photographs. My photographing process isn't too interesting. I usually use a Canon 500D with a 50mm 1.8 lens, fiddle with a few settings, shoot away, transfer photos to my laptop, drag my favourites into Photoshop and drag adjustment layers. But if I had it my way, I would shoot everything with film!
Tell me a little bit about your collaboration with Kelsey Genna. The photos are stunning! Thanks so much! She was in Melbourne for a few days, so we shot some photos of Anna Denton in her lovely clothes. We had less than 2 hours because the sun was setting but it was so beautiful with the golden light. *You can see the photos with model Anna Denton above!
How long have you been taking pictures? My parents let me use their brick of a camera when I was around 7. I remember people laughing at me. I must have looked ridiculous! When I was 12, I learnt how to take macro photos and uploaded my first photo onto DeviantArt. It was of raindrops on a window and it got 60 favourites. I was ecstatic!
Have you always been interested in fashion and photography? I really got into fashion when I was 14. Last year I took photos of my friend, Simone for an art project. I guess they kind of merged for me then. 
Who is the ideal girl you would like to photograph? What is her aesthetic? There are so many beautiful girls in the modelling industry. It's really difficult to pick. Natalia Vodianova, Arizona Muse, Frida Gustavsson and Abbey Lee Kershaw are a few of my favourites.
Who would be the ultimate celebrity (or even a style icon from the past) that you would love to shoot with? Scarlett Johansson (back in Lost in Translation).
Since the boutique is called Audrey Grace what are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films and photos, or even specific outfits they have worn? Breakfast at Tiffany's and I think Grace Kelly looks stunning here:
Who are your favorite artists and photographers? My favourite photographers are Nirrimi Hakanson, Simon Filip and Nikoline.
What (music) are you listening to now? I'm really into The Drums, Hot Chip and Warpaint at the moment.
Your photos are always unique and beautiful. Do you come up with all the ideas for them? I'm not sure if I could call them ideas. I usually see something interesting and just decide to take a photo of it. 
Do you prefer fashion photography or photographing nature? At the moment I find fashion photography more interesting.
Who is your style icon? Alexa Chung. 
What can we expect from your future? Any exciting collaborations or anything? Not much in the near future. Year 12 is eating up my time!
Any shopping/gallery tips in Melbourne? Chadstone shopping mall for any store you could ever want, Chapel street for interesting but overpriced second hand clothes, Camberwell market for dirt cheap things and Queen Victoria Market for touristy goodies and hot jam donuts :)

Thanks Jeannine! She also did a lovely post on me on her blog, here: 
I'm really enjoying Australia. It's a beautiful country. In her interview Jeannine mentioned her modern day style icon is Alexa Chung, I really think Alexa is the perfect modern emblem of Audrey Grace! Don't you?
Talk soon!


Beverly Hills and Sydney