What Type Of Coat Should I Choose?

Choosing a coat can be tricky, and with there being so many women's coats on the high street and online, it can often be hard to know which style will suit your body type best.

If you are an:

A trench coat is particularly good with an hourglass figure as often these are belted, complementing the already small waist. The lapels create a V neck and consequently show off the bust and the coat also goes out over the hips meaning that they do look more petite. A longer coat is also more flattering than a short one as it has the ability to highlight and accentuate curves better, showing off your shape.

For an apple figure, a V neck jacket such as the trench coat is a good choice as this shows off the bust but then flares out, skimming over larger areas. The belt on this jacket creates the impression of a waist and choosing a brightly coloured jacket will often be a plus, while showing your personality off at the same time.

Having a pear figure means that your hips are your widest part of the body and this means that a jacket such as a windcheater may not be the jacket for you. This is because it stops at your hips and so could accentuate them. Therefore, it could be better to choose a longer jacket that simply glosses over your hips instead. A jacket with detail around the neck, such as a collar or buttons, would also be an advantage as this would draw attention to this area, making your bust appear larger.

If you’re petite, your main aim in life is often to make yourself appear taller. When choosing a jacket, you can do this by choosing something tailored which will elongate your figure. Having a shorter jacket may also be a good idea as it will stop you looking swamped by the jacket. However, finding a longer jacket in a petite size would also work to your advantage as this would be cut to a flattering length for someone of your proportions and so would be less likely to swamp you. So, if you want a longer jacket then looking at one specifically for a petite body shape may be a good idea.

A tailored, structured jacket such as a trench coat can really work for any shape but in the end, choosing a coat is down to your own personal preference and the look that you are attempting to create. 

Thomas Kelly

The motivation to workout is not a feeling that everyone experiences. I know from my experience that if I have a cute outfit to wear I will be more excited about my workout. Recently I received two items from the new workout brand Thomas Kelly and they have been excellent motivation!

How stinkin' cute is the Malaga Mix and Padaro Pants! Pink and Navy are already my favorite colors together, add in gingham, a ruffle, and a T-back and you've got the cutest running top on Earth!

I love wearing this top with my pink nike shorts with the gingham line down the side since the weather is still a little toasty! I can't wait until it gets warmer though so that I can pair it with the pants because they are the softest workout pants I've ever worn!

Love their logo! The philosophy behind the designs is that you can go from exercise to errands in these clothes and I think they achieve this idea!

Another item they have that I am lusting over is the Bolero Boyfriend Cardigan. Super comfy and cute while long enough to cover up your bottom after your workout, PERFCT!

Hope y'all love Thomas Kelly as much as I do!

Sophia Grace and Rosie

I don't know about you but this Wednesday needs a little funny... enjoy!

Go to the 2:37 mark... hilarious!

Riding Boots

I need your help! I am in the market for a pair of riding boots and I want your suggestions, opinions, and commentary. Below are some riding boots I really like and I want to hear what your favorites are!

Riding Boots

Your input is appreciated!

Ralph Lauren Giveaway and Swap

Who doesn't love a classic Polo oxford as the weather becomes crisp? I know I love the ones I have and am so excited to be giving away one WITH a MONOGRAM to the winner of this giveaway!

This giveaway is hosted by the etsy shop just violin and the winner will be able to choose the size, color, monogram location, and monogram color. So cute. 

Here are three ways to easily wear this shirt with jeans!

2 basics 3 different ways

Below will be a rafflecopter giveaway allowing y'all to enter easily. 
Before that, you need to look at all the other cute items available:

Greek Key Blue and White Skirt

Red Cotton Bow Skirt

This etsy shop allows has a monogrammed nike short service where you send in a pair and they monogram them.
Too cute! Make sure to enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, don't forget to sign up for the Polka Dot Swap!

Tuesday Tidbits

1. True story: I set my alarm to go work out early this morning... True Story: Sleep is one of my favorite things so that extra hour was spent nestled in the bed. Do I regret it? A tiny bit :) When do all you skinny people work out? Morning, Day, Night? I need some advice/motivation/anything!

2. Speaking of working out - if I can look half as good as Claire Danes not pregnant as she does preggers, then I would be a happy girl!

3. Is it pathetic that I am dying to get my pumpkins for fall decor? Wow... yep that is crazy sad!

4. We leave next Thursday on a quick Anniversary getaway. Snow is in Vail's forecast so this could get interesting with our tiny rental sedan.

That's all I got! Have a great day!

Age of Innocence by Masha Mel

September has been a really busy month for me. I did New York and London fashion week! Below are the results of a really beautiful collaboration between myself and London based photographer, Masha Mel. The clothes are from Audrey Grace , and then a bunch of amazing graduate designers participated in the shoot. The photos were inspired by The Virgin Suicides, and Masha named the beautiful shoot "The Age of Innocence." 

Photography: Masha Mel
Styling: Jaclyn Bethany
Makeup: Pace Chen
Set Design: Olya Avstreyh
Models: Lauren F. at ELITE London, Margarita at IMG, and Jodie at Bookings