Marie Hochhaus

Marie's photography is probably one of the most amazing things I have discovered in the past year. This girl is so incredibly talented. The Ophelia shoot, a preview of which is below, is based off of one of my all time favorite Millais paintings. I am so excited to announce her work will be on display in the Audrey Grace gallery, although her prints will not be available to purchase. Nevertheless, customers will be able to view these amazing images in person in the shop. I had the chance to speak to Marie about her work while discussing the exhibit, her answers follow below.

Photography by Marie Hochhaus
Model is Helen from MD Management
Styling by Jana Krentzlin
Hair and make up by Tan Voung/Basics Berlin
Assistance by Franziska Ebert

Where are you based?
Hamburg, Germany
What is your favorite.....
Childhood memory?
Santa Claus because he was the guy who always had presents!
Fairy tale?
The Little Mermaid.
Alexander McQueen.
Tell me about your most recent Ophelia shoot. It was so beautiful!
Thank you! To do this shoot was the idea of talented Tan Vuong, who did the makeup. We waited all summer to come together, but the weather was horrible in Germany this year. During the last weekend in August we thought "now or never".I was really excited to do this shoot because it was the first time Iworked with Jana as a stylist and because we had planned it for so long. In the end it was a very cold day, and I just had about four hours to shoot, but Helen (the model) was the bomb, she laid patiently down on the ground while spiders wandered all over her legs and arms, and she even went into the water. You can't imagine how cold it was!
Tell me about your work for Material Girl.
My work for material girl is not commissioned. I did the shoots for my portfolio as free projects. I sent the photos to material girl and was very happy that they printed them in their beautiful magazine.
Who are your favorite photographers and artists?
I guess I've got very popular taste: I love Tim Walker and Gustav Klimt.
What films and books do you watch for inspiration?
I don't watch films very often, but David Lynch and old films like The Bride Wore Black are kind of fashion inspiration.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Iceland. I went there two times and fell in love with the nature there, but wanderlust is something that I almost never feel.
What do you love about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly?
Beautiful girls. I don't need any other reason to love them.
What does the future look like for you? Do you have lots of exciting shoots coming up?
Yes, but I don't want to talk about it yet. Stay curious!

Thank you so much, Marie! All photos courtesy: 

Photography by Marie Hochhaus
Model is Nell from MD Management
Hair and make up by Tan Voung/Basics Berlin
Assistance by Jan Reiser

Happy Halloween

Since we don't have a human child, we live vicariously through our fur baby. Behold his lovely, stubborn picture taking abilities.

Please excuse the closed eyes... I am just pleased we captured the demonic flap of his face as seventy pounds barrels towards Aaron.

Finally a decent shot

Cutest hot dog ever (I am biased)

He knows how to pose for the camera

Please notice the pure excitement on his face

He won't even look at Aaron

Finally a best friend shot!

Happy Halloween!

I cannot believe it is already Halloween! This month flew by as did the rest of this year. 

 Unfortunately this year, I won't be going out for Halloween and I don't even have any decorations up.  Stephen and I had a super successful engagement party Saturday night.  Party details and helping my parents get our house ready has consumed our October, and especially our weekend.  Now that the big weekend has come to an end, I have an extremely huge amount of work to do this week.  I can't wait to see what everyone does for Halloween, have some fun for me! 

If I would have had a chance to decorate for Halloween here some things I would have incorporated around my apartment:

Pinned Image

Love all the pumpkins, especially mixing the white and orange.  This would have been perfect as a centerpiece or outside my apartment door.

Pinned Image

How cute are these boxes? I love the pop of orange ribbon.  This is such an easy decorations and could even be used as storage for the month of October.

Pinned Image

Would love to have made this for either my main door or for my bedroom door.  EEK or BOO would be super cute on this Halloween wreath.

Pinned Image

I live in a 600 or so apartment and have limited amount of storage space.  Something as cute as this jack-o-lantern candle holder would be a perfect accessory to any space in my apartment.

Did you decorate for Halloween?

Interview with Carrie of WishWishWish!

I am so glad to be in my cozy apartment writing this post! New York City is having a massive snow storm, so strange for October! Anyway, I am sure most of you are familiar with Carrie's blog, WishWishWish. If you don't know it, be sure to check it out here. Carrie lives in my most favorite city in the world, London. She has amazing style and her blog really reflects that. Carrie is a true Audrey Grace girl. She already loves all of the brands I am stocking and also has a passion for vintage! It also seems like she loves her Alexa bag as much as I love mine! Carrie also takes beautiful photos. I loved her coverage of London fashion week, especially the Orla Kiely and Mulberry shows so much. Enjoy my interview with Carrie below.

Carrie and her beloved Mulberry Alexa
Carrie's coverage of the Orla Kiely show
Carrie's coverage of Mulberry SS12

Tell me a little bit about yourself, your blog and your work.
I'm a vintage loving twenty one year old living in London, blogging about what I get up to and the clothes that I wear!

I see your still in university, what are you studying?
I study Fashion Promotion, so we do everything from styling to creating fashion films! It's very broad.

What do you like about living in London?
It's just so diverse, everything and everyone is on your doorstep. It's a great place to hunt for vintage, and I don't feel like you could ever explore it all! There is always something new to see.

Describe your personal style.
I think I dress a bit like a little girl going to a birthday party! I'm very girly, and love to mix highstreet finds with vintage, and my favourite labels - Family Affairs, TBA, Vivetta..!

Describe an ideal day.
Sunshine, waffles for breakfast, a trip to a vintage market, a picnic, a trip to the cinema followed by seeing my favourite band!

What is your favorite type of tea? (And favorite place to get tea in London)
I don't drink tea too often as I have it with so much sugar that my teeth would fall out if I drank it every day! But I like a regular builders brew as we call it over here!

Who is your style icon?
I have a gazillion pictures of Anna Karina saved on my computer. Isn't she just perfect?

Who are your favorite designers?
I am in love with Vivetta, tba, Family Affairs, Mulberry, Orla Kiely..I love every collection from these talented ladies.

What was it like attending London fashion week? What was your favorite show?
It sounds very glamorous and exciting, but really it's a lot of hard work and the days are very long! My favourite show this year had to be Mulberry! They decorated Claridges ballrooom with hundreds of inflatable animals, it was amazing! Not to mention the pink lemonade they served up.

If you could take me shopping around London for a day where would you take me?
Okay! Firstly we'd have to hit up my favourite department store, Liberty - their stationary room is my favourite, and at this time of year, a trip to their Christmas shop is a must! I'd take you to east London where we'd hunt down the best vintage and visit shops like Caravan where the best homewares are sold. If we went on a Sunday, we'd visit Columbia Rd flower market and battle the crowds to visit the Rob Ryan store, and the wonderful Buddug (

Who are your favorite artists and photographers?
I'm a huge lover of Paolo Roversi. I love his dark style!

If you could style any celebrity who would it be?
That's a tough one, probably a kick ass girl from a band, like Alison Mosshart.

As a Londoner, are you a fan of Kate Middleton's style? Who are your favorite London girls?
I don't pay too much attention to what the Duchess wears I must admit, but she always looks very well put together. My fave London girl has to be Alexa Chung, obvious choice I know!

What are your favorite books and magazines to look through for inspiration?
My favourite magazines are most definitely Frankie, Lula, and the Japanese magazine Fudge! All such feasts for the eyes!

What are your favorite blogs?
Oh I have too many to list! At the moment, I love Mariell, who has just moved to London. ( Also, Fancy Fine - Ashley's collection of vintage is so enviable! Of course the lovely Sandra of Niotillfem is one of my favourites too.

I see your a big Mulberry fan, like me. I also have their Alexa bag. What are you covering from the AW collection?
Oh my!! I'm absolutely in love with all of their bags featuring the little foxes! I love the the Fox Lock bag. I need it!

What's on your fall wishlist?
The AW Vivetta collection! I absolutely adore the whole thing! I'm also loving cropped trousers right now, so a lovely wine coloured pair wouldn't go amiss!

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?
Big warm scarves, open fires, roast dinners, long socks and family!

Tell me a little bit about your photos. They are beautiful.
I'm really into taking photos lately actually! I've rediscovered my love! It's amazing being able to capture a particular look or feeling in an instant.

What are your favorite films for fashion?
I love all the Orla Kiely lookbooks, they are always so inspiring!

What could you see yourself buying at Audrey Grace?
Everything - I'm not even kidding! I love everything stocked, it's like my dream store!

What does the future look like for you and your blog? Any exciting collaborations or projects?
I do have an exciting collaboration coming up! But I'm afraid all I can say is that it's with one of my favourite independent English labels! Watch this space!

All photos courtesy of Carrie. Check out more photos of Carrie's adorable style below!

DIY Lucite Tray

So I was not about to shell out $90 for a monogrammed lucite tray... nope, not going to happen. But I did however come across a lovely DIY version for less than $20. Much more appealing to the bank account.

Now, I can't take credit for this crafting beauty. Follow the link for the original post.

What you need:
Mod Podge
Lucite Tray

Isn't this gorgeous? 

Now our counter is all organized!

Perfect container for an organized person like myself.

I may just make a few more of these in the future: for the guest room, coffee table, bedroom vanity, etc.

Happy DIY-ing!


Up The Wooden Hills A/W 11

I am a big fan of Lisa Marie Andersson's designs for her beautiful label, Up The Wooden Hills. Lisa always uses the most beautiful handmade techniques in making her dresses. She also uses Liberty fabrics, my all time favorite fabric! Audrey Grace is stocking Lisa's spring collection, as well as select pieces of her AW collection, a preview of which is below. Lisa was also happy to describe her inspirations for this collection.

Lisa also created two custom dresses just for the boutique- the "Audrey" dress and the "Grace" dress. Both are exclusive to Audrey Grace. Lisa's collection of dresses and tops always have the dreamiest names- Emilia, Evie, Nora, Alice, Mirabelle and Lucy.. Which girl are you?

Lisa on her collection: 

When I create my garments I usually get most of the influences from different things that are somehow present in my life at the moment. When I started to work on the Autumn/Winter 11 collection I was very inspired by children's books, fairy tales and youth literature. Mostly stories where the main character goes on a voyage, an adventure or tries to solve a mystery. I was also inspired by British costume dramas and BBC television shows like The House of Elliot (the moods, the characters, the set design, the colours and the clothes)!

Even though most of the influences for my work are from things that surround me in my every day life, I do, however have one constant inspiration or basic evaluation that I always want to incorporate in every collection: comfort and sustainability. All garments I make have their origins in traditional women's wear silhouettes and I always want them to feel comfortable, classic and beautiful - a piece of clothing that you can feel happy in, wear often in your every day life and keep for a long period of time. Something less trendy and instead more unique. I hope the new A/W collection will feel that way for people too! 


All photos, courtesy Up The Wooden Hills

Which of these beautiful frocks do you see yourself daydreaming in? 

Wednesday Words

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Disclaimer: These quotes that I feature are only good thoughts that I think people need to reflect on every now and then... Does not have an relation to anything I am currently going through. You do a lot of growing up in your 20's and sometimes other people's thoughts really hold meaning for how to handle things in your life!

Interview with Jessie Lily Adams!

I have had the pleasure of working with Jessie Lily Adams on the photography exhibit for Audrey Grace. Jessie is a London resident and the photo editor of Lula. She has also done stunning work for Material Girl and the designer Charles Anastase. Jessie will be exhibiting some truly beautiful prints in the exhibit, I am sure all of which will sell very quickly! Jessie's photos are truly magical. I think her fashion photography is like a beautiful fantasy with a spot of child-like innocence. A couple of days ago I spoke to Jessie and asked her a few questions about herself and her work. Below is a sneak peek of Jessie's work and some of the prints that will be sold at the exhibit.

Hi Jessie, tell me a little bit about yourself and your work. Where did you grow up?
Hi! I grew up in Sheffield, in the north of England. Then Five years ago I moved to London, and have lived here since. I mainly take fashion images, although I do have a background in fine art photography.
Tell me about your position as photo editor at Lula- what do you do for them? What is it like to work there? 
I started for the last issue, as Jenny the photo editor who had been there since the beginning had left, and they needed someone to fill in. Its great fun! The team is quite small and they are so talented. Its an honor to work there as when I first started taking pictures Lula was the magazine I dreamed of shooting for, both because of the style and content but also because fashion photography has traditionally and still is quite male dominated, and Lula shows how many incredibly talented photographers there are who happen to be women. 
Tell me about your collaboration with Charles Anastase. 
I first met Charles five years ago through my best friend Gary Armstrong, who was working for him at the time. I got to know him well, and he asked me to take some picture that he could draw from (he is an amazing artist). Then we also shot a look book with Valentine the creative consultant and stylist for the brand. Charles is amazing to work with, he is a genius when it comes to womenswear, I completely adore his clothes. I have got most of my work now from the fact that Charles and Valentine showed such faith in me when I had done barely any published work, and so I am very grateful. 
What do you like about living in London? What are your favorite shops, neighborhoods, cafes, etc.?
I love to walk around London, especially on the embankment along the river. And I live in walthamstow, so right next to my house is a nature reserve where you can walk for hours. I don’t have a favorite neighborhood I like most of London,  its hard to choose as they are all so different! I like to shop at Orla Keily in Covent Garden, Miu Miu on Bond Street, and Topshop at Oxford street is always reliable, and Cos is amazing for basics. Plus you have great vintage shops in Notting Hill. I like Cote in Soho for great steak, and the Wolseley for afternoon Tea. 
What is your favorite childhood memory? 
Probably when I got my first bike for Christmas when I was about 4. It was a green mountain bike.
Your work has a fairy tale like quality to it. What's your favorite fairy tale? 
The Little Mermaid, is that even a fairytale? I think Disney will have had a lot of influence over that answer.
London is so great for emerging fashion designers. Who are your favorites?
Charles Anastase, I guess that’s obvious! Mary Katranzou is incredible,  and probably the ultimate; Meadham Kirchoff are simply genius. 
If you could photograph any celebrity who would it be? 
Julianne Moore. Or Courtney Love.  
What are your favorite films, photographs, books,etc. for inspiration?
Nabakov novels are great as the prose are so descriptive, classics like The French Lieutenant's Woman and lots historical biographies- lots of Novels really, as I read a lot, and I think its nice to get inspiration from stories rather than imagery sometimes as its more form your own imagination. I do always find period dramas like Downton Abbey great as I’m so obsessed with the costumes and houses. 
What other photographers and artists do you admire?
Photographers like Deborah Turbeville, Yelena Yemchuk, Lina Scheynus and Ellen Rogers I admire very much. Artwise I love the work of Henry Darger and Cy Twombly.
Who is your style icon? 
Ohhhhh er, I don’t really have an icon as such but I think lots of people for all different reasons look great! Ashley Olsen, Mara Wilson in Miracle of 34th Street, Rose Byrne is always chic, Kirsten Dunst....I could keep going for ages...
What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?
Just Christmas generally! I love winter and Christmas more than any other season, winter coats, Christmas markets at Chatsworth House and Columbia Road in East London, mulled wine, Christmas trees, everything!
Have you always wanted to be a photographer?
What are your favorite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films?
I like Funny Face, I don’t think I have seen anything with Grace Kelly...
What will my customer be able to purchase of your work at Audrey Grace?
Some images that I did with Charles Anastase and Valentine Fillol Cordier.
What could you see yourself buying from Audrey Grace?
Most everything!
Who is your favorite Brit?
My friends.
What is on your fall wishlist?
A Miu Miu oversized clutch, a Paul Smith coat, and everything from Carven.
If you could transport to any decade and place where/when would it be?
London in the 18th Century.
What does the future look like for you? Any exciting projects/exhibits? 
Lots more editorials and possibly some portraits, we shall see...

Thanks so much, Jessie!
All photos courtesy Jessie's website

Mid-Semester Motivation

I am finding myself in a rut.  I'm so tired of school and school work, and this is the worst week to be feeling like this.  I have so much on my plate school wise this week, and then I have two days this week that have to be set aside to go to my internship, AND our engagement party is this Saturday at my house so lots of cleaning to do to help mom out.

So here is to seeking some quick motivation!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Hope these were beneficial to you...I may need to go seek out some more before I find enough motivation to get through the week!

Have a great Tuesday!

Audrey Grace NYC Photo shoot

On Friday, I had a really exciting and fun photo shoot with Serena, the photo assistant at Teen Vogue, who I just interviewed for the blog. We shot all around my apartment and my building. The photos turned out great, and I am so excited to share them with you! All of the clothing and jewelry is available at Audrey Grace! The shoes and sunglasses are from my own collection.

Erin Fetherston dress, Fancy Fine by Ashley ording for Audrey Grace Boutique jacket, Telesca necklace, Miu Miu heels 
Katie-Louise Ford for Audrey Grace dress, headband, Alexa Chung for Madewell boots
Kelsey Genna dress, Kelsey Genna floral crown
Manoush dress, Tom Ford sunglasses, Charlotte Olympia heel, Miu Miu heel (in background)
Katie-Louise Ford for Audrey Grace dress, headband, Alexa Chung for Madewell boots
Alice takes A Trip Dress, Tatty Devine ring
Sretsis dress, Sretsis hat, Necklace by Telesca, Miu Miu shoes
Katie-Louise Ford for Audrey Grace dress, headband by, shoes by Alexa Chung for Madewell 
Luella coat, Telesca necklace, Dear Creatures dress, Loulou Loves You bow, 

Dress and floral crown by Kelsey Genna 
Sretsis hat and dress, Telesca necklace 
Luella coat, Loulou Loves You headband

Manoush dress, Tom Ford sunglasses, Charlotte Olympia heels (same below)

detail on Erin Fetherston dress 
Chanel sunglasses, Alice Takes A Trip dress (in background)

Photography and digital design by Serena Reynolds
Styling by Jaclyn Bethany for Audrey Grace
Special thanks to Akilah Walker and Hannah Sheen for helping out!
Shot in: Midtown, NYC