Muffuletta Calzones

So now that I am a wifey, I subscribe to wifey magazines (as Aaron calls them). Actually I have been reading my mom's Southern Living forever so this isn't my first encounter with this fabulous publication. Some issues are better than others, and December was awesome. The recipes were so good (red velvet brownies are in my near future.)

Tonight we decided to try the Muffuletta Calzones. I LOVE muffulettas, especially the ones at Sol's in downtown Birmingham. You can pretty much follow the recipe as linked but I made a few changes.

 The ingredients except I forgot to picture the salami

 All ingredients mixed together (ours has about triple the olives because we like them so much). We made a lot extra because it is really good by itself.

 The recipes makes two large calzones but we made four as shown above and below

 Yum, Yum!!!!

We are getting our tree tomorrow night. Yay! I will be looking forward to it all day. Be on the lookout for Christmas decor pictures because I have been comtemplating my decorating for months.


Thought I would leave you with a little video of Winston attacking our new vacuum. When he licks his lips it is because they got sucked up in the nozzle. He hasn't learned that yet.

Gobble, Gobble

In case you didn't know, Thanksgiving was last week! Aaron, Winston and I trekked home for a weekend with the fam jam. It all started at our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate my little brother's 18th birthday.
 My little baby is all grown up :)

Thursday..... we took a trek through the woods for fall themed photos followed by some amazing food!

He keeps growing!

Friday... Aaron and I woke up with the crazies at 3:30 a.m. You know you are married when you line up to buy a Dyson at 4 in the morning. Luckily, we got the last one at Target! After a little power nap, we rode to Tuscaloosa for this little game called the Iron Bowl. The outcome I would rather not mention.

Saturday... was a very relaxing day with both sets of family.

Sunday (today).... we attended our nephew's christening in Birmingham. It was a beautiful ceremony with friends and family.

Our last few days were great but I will say I am more than excited about our Christmas decorating this upcoming week. I will also re-ignite my nightly rendezvous with Tony Horton for the next 90 days. (He is the very muscular, very strange man in the P90X videos) I have skimped on exercising since the wedding.


BLOG UPDATE: I got the Sephora OPI minis from Mom! Woohoo for festive nails!!!!

Outfit of the week - $150 or less!

(Photo: Mirrorpix/Splash News)

This week's outfit is inspired by the dress seen around the world last week -- the Kate Middleton engagement dress. Kate Middleton chose a royal blue Issa dress to match her much buzzed about engagement ring and the end result was elegant and pretty. The Issa dress is sold out but you can achieve Kate's look by pairing this gorgeous silk Calypso dress with a pair of taupe Betsey Johnson platforms. Eighteen-carat sapphire not included.

And also, don't forget to head over to Fresh Quince and check out Danielle's picks from our Arlington location in the What to Wear Wednesday feature.

Calypso dress $79.95
Betsey Johnson platforms $29.95
Glittery Blue necklace $39.95

Grand total: $149.85

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.

My Favorite Things!

In honor of Oprah's Annual Favorite Things show, I thought about a few of my favorite things. (And I am not giving away a car or cruise.... sorry)

Tyler Candles
These candles are amazing! I love candles and Tyler candles come in every scent and size imaginable. It is kind of hard to choose due to all the options. They come with a precious little leopard lid and the glass is not too gaudy or unattractive to set in a room.

Target Scarves
I love the Merona scarves from Target (usually in the purse and belt section). I currently have a cream and green one but am tempted to buy one in every color. They are super soft and all under $15. Great for gifts or for yourself.

Chanel Chance Perfume
I have worn this perfume for as long as I can remember. I wear the Chance scent because it is in my opinion for a younger set but timeless all the same. I can't imagine wearing anything different. Maybe when I age over the next lifetime I will upgrade to the more refined Chanel perfumes.

Tory Burch Flats
Yes I know these shoes are expensive and yes I know they are everywhere on sorority rows and upscale shopping malls but I am obsessed! My precious mother bought them for me last year and they are amazing. Some have complained that they are uncomfortable but mine aren't (maybe the problem is the feet not the shoe... just saying). I wear them at least three times a week with everything from t-shirts to leggings to a dress. A must have slurge for your closet!

Photographs are priceless but so timeless. I could look at photos all day. Maybe that is why I am a full on Facebook stalker sometimes. I love seeing what people are wearing, their facial  expressions, the occasion, everything. Photos are the perfect gift and you will see them everywhere in our house. Don't lie, you are a picture stalker too!

OPI Nail Polish
Now that I have a big girl job I can't do the black nail polish when winter hits, but hey, there is always the weekend. As we speak I am preparing for the holidays with a shade of grey. I love OPI nail polish because of the durability and variety of colors. My sweet mom just bought this jumbo pack from Sephora for a Christmas gift. Counting down the days until it becomes mine. I do have to mention that Essie comes in a close second.

Can you list all of your favorites?


Awesome Atlanta Weekend

So this weekend had a lot of planned excursions! We finally got to enjoy a full weekend in Atlanta without wedding errands or Alabama football (definitely missed it though).

Our day started off at Highland Bakery and it was AMAZING.  We opted for lunch since we were late risers but the breakfast looked out of this world.  A neighboring table ordered the peanut butter french toast and I had thoughts of snatching it out of their hands. Aaron had the chicken salad sandwich and I choose the pimento cheese sandwich with a salad. My real reason for wanting to try Highland is their desserts...
 Aaron and our four mini cupcakes
 Peanut Butter Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet and Oreo
 We ate them on the trunk of my car because I pictured the entire icing topping smeared in my car
 Yummy red velvet. When we get back from Alabama I am gonna make the delicious red velvet recipes in the December issue of Southern Living! Yum!

Our next stop was the DeKalb Farmer's Market in Decatur.  There were tons of signs proclaiming no picture taking but image an Ikea with food. There was everything! A restaurant, any kind of cut of meat or seafood you dream, veggies I have never heard of, wines, beers and thousands of more edible goodies.  

So we ran a few more errands and then made our way for me to get a new phone! I love new phones but  geez it was a major pain at the AT&T store. It took two hours just for me to get my own plan and Aaron gets to do it in January.... Yay!

I am already in Christmas mode so we went to Atlantic Station to see the tree lighting. They advertised snow but they were only tiny machines that spit out something similar to bubbles.  It was packed and their were people of all kinds everywhere!!!
 Pre lights
 Post lights
 Closest thing to Rockefeller Center for me! One day I will go :)
 Of course we had to document this with a couple pic

Today, Sunday, we ran some more errands... got our massive mixer and food processor and stopped by the local nursery. We just had to document this massive tree. This baby would definitely not fit in our apartment but to some local mansion it will be the perfect holiday addition. 

Aaron had to get in front to show how really big this thing was and it had the price tag to prove it!

We had an amazing Atlanta weekend! Hopefully we will get to explore a little more in the next few weeks.


Holiday Style Guide

The holiday season is upon us and this year let Current Boutique be your one stop shop for your upcoming soirées. Here we've compiled the ultimate style guide to get you through the season looking festive and as always, chic. Enjoy!

(Greylin dress $125.95, Ellie pumps $32.95, Lace clutch $40.95,
Necklace $42.95, Cuff $34.95)

Cocktail Party:

This Greylin dress comes in a rich cobalt hue and features cut-out detailing in the back. Pair the dress with a beaded silver and black necklace and a sparkly cuff. Complete this outfit with a silver and black lace clutch to tie the look together and get ready to shine!

(C Luce dress $68.95, Vintage fur $97.50, Lulu Guiness heels $124.95,
Necklace $72.95, Beaded cuff $37.95)

Winter Wedding:

This outfit exudes old Hollywood glamour by pairing a vintage fur and statement necklace with the jewel toned dress. You need little else in the way of accessories so make sure to keep heels toned down.

(Banana Republic blouse $13.95, Ann Taylor skirt $28.95, Black heels $21.95
Charm necklace $32.95, Banana Republic clutch $19.95)

Holiday Office Party:

With the right pieces you can add just the right amount of shine to partake in office holiday festivities. Pair this gorgeous Ann Taylor velvet and brocade skirt with a simple shell. The charm necklace has just enough sparkle to be festive yet office appropriate.

(Aryn K dress $89.95, Benny Demore heels $249.95,
crystal earrings $32.95, glitter clutch $58.95)

New Year's Eve:

Ring in the new year with this showstopper! This Aryn K dress features bow detailing in the back. Pair this dress with a pair of sexy heels and a glitter clutch and prepare to be the life of the party!

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.

Settling in

So there is not much going on with our family. I am not complaining about this because I have been dying for some down-time. Between the wedding, honeymoon, football and holidays we have been busy, busy, busy.

Only three weeks ago, we went to get pumpkins for our fall decor and now, we are already thinking about Christmas. Christmas cards are ordered, paper whites planted and tree shopping planned. I am not a Thanksgiving jumper, I just want to soak up all the Christmas goodness I can.

Atlanta has so much to offer for Christmas and we hope to partake in some:

  • Piedmont Park and Olympic Centennial Park have ice skating rinks which are perfect venues to showcase my 1st grade skating level... Yay! Yes, I am that creeper watching all the little kids while I hang on the wall hoping not to fall and bust it.
  • The Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre!!!! I may have to take in a show by my lonesome on a Sunday afternoon because Aaron was not too terribly thrilled on the prospect of a two hour ballet. I don't blame him but after doing ballet for ten years, it still holds a small piece of my heart. This year they have gone back to a full orchestra so it will be better than ever.
  • Reindog Parade at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There is only one day a year that dogs are allowed in the Botanical Gardens. Yes it is super cold and not the prime flower season, but my dog is my child so I want him to be well rounded in all aspects of culture and the arts. He also thinks he is a human so this would be a major self esteem booster, which he seems to lack.
  • Fantasy of Lights at Callaway Gardens. So this is not in Atlanta but it is in Georgia and on the way back home to Alabama.  I LOVE Callaway Gardens! There is no light display that compares (maybe Rockefeller Plaza but I have never been at Christmas). All of the lights make it truly feel like the holiday season (and you don't even have to put them up or take them down for that matter).

So we really have no pictures at this point... There are tons of events coming up with Thanksgiving, weddings and holiday events so I will be sure to capture the moments. But here are some snapshots of the gift that keeps on giving :)


Outfit of the week - $150 or less!

Add a dose of color to your fall wardrobe with this week's cheeky and colorful outfit. The Free People cardigan features jeweled buttons and pairs perfectly with the Limited wool skirt. These pieces can easily be worn with more muted separates as well. Pair sweater tights with the Enzo Angiolini heels and Big Buddha chain purse and your look is complete!

Don't forget to head over to Fresh Quince and check out the great finds in our Arlington location for the What to Wear Wednesday feature.

Free People cardigan $37.95
Limited wool skirt $27.95
Big Buddha purse $45.95
Enzo Angiolini heels $36.95

Grand total: $148.80

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.

Weekend at Home

The main focus of this past weekend, for me, was rest and relaxation. That didn't happen but it was amazing just the same.  A LOT of errands to run with wedding registry items, grocery shopping, etc. and a chance to see our families after a busy month of being newlyweds.

Aaron went to the Alabama-Mississippi State game while I opted to stay at my parents' house to get some major organizing accomplished.

If you haven't been blessed to see Winston's Alabama jersey then you are missing out. The more he eats, the more it becomes a belly shirt. He LOVES his jersey and does not like taking it off. Well my parents' dog, Aubie, felt a little left out so he had to get dressed up too!

 House divided
Aubie thinks Winston is annoying but they love playing with each other. 

On our ride home today, the car was packed. We brought home more wedding gifts, christmas china and other new home purchases. Sad story was, this eliminated some of Winston's sleeping space. When we were pulling out of the neighborhood, he was crushed with a box of red wine glasses. The glasses were fine, Winston not so much. He was so nervous he proceeded to sleep on top of the center console most of the three hour ride.

 Back legs standing, front legs sprawled out
He just had to be the center of attention.

Now off to a week of work, shopping, holiday planning and Atlanta excursions. The time zone change is getting to the Williams fam. Off to bed early tonight.


Outfit of the week - $150 or less!

This week's outfit is perfect for an upcoming holiday party. Lace is a huge trend this fall and this Victor Alfaro number is paired with matching lace clutch and stilettos. Complete your outfit with a simple pair of gold hoops and you're ready to make the holiday party circuit.

Don't forget to head over to Fresh Quince and check out the great finds in our Arlington location for the What to Wear Wednesday feature.

Victor Alfaro dress $56.95
Steve Madden heels $22.95
Black lace clutch $40.95
Gold earrings $28.95

Grand total: $149.80

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.

One Month!!!

Happy one month to all those October 9th newlyweds! I know of three weddings, other than ours, that happened exactly one month ago. My sweet hubby cooked me dinner tonight in celebration.

Not much on the Williams front except working, working, working.  But we do have pictures of our pumpkin products from Burt's Farm! Please understand that we didn't have much to work with and we are saving up for the Christmas extravaganza that is taking place in two weeks :) (I have already googled Christmas decorations)

 The pansies haven't really blossomed yet, or that is what I am telling myself.

 Like I said, I have learned to work with what I have but I am very pleased with the result.
 Our first big purchase: outdoor furniture

 Meet my stalker.... he followed me outside only to follow me back inside
To watch me type on the computer