Happy Fall Yall

So we have just now decided to decorate for fall.... we were kind of busy earlier this month, getting married and all:) Winston got to go to his favorite Farmer's Market and we went up to North Georgia for a visit to Burt's Farm and the outlets.  We are in major decorating mode right now which hopefully will be complete in the next few weeks.  The stacks of boxes everywhere are getting to be a headache.

Ready for the Farmer's Market

Making sure Aaron was coming with him

The GORGEOUS church where the farmer's market is located

Depression was setting in as we headed home

Burt's Farm was amazing and will now be an annual trip

Every size pumpkin you could imagine

Aaron prepared to pick out our long-awaited pumpkin

The white were my favorite

Aaron's paparazzi photo shows the hundreds of mini pumpkins and gourds. 

Mission accomplished.... Centerpiece and door decor complete. 

Trend: Velvet

Antonio Berardi
(Photo: Style.com)

Velvet made a splash on the Fall/Winter 2010 runway shows to become one of this season's biggest trends. Designs ranged from gorgeous dresses to trousers in inky hues fit for just about any occasion.

Antonio Berardi's crimson design was not only showstopping because of its color but because it featured a dramatic neckline and exquisite draping. You can get the look with this Vanessa Bruno crushed velvet dress. This dress also features attention to detail with its excellent draping and asymmetrical neckline.

(Vanessa Bruno dress $156.95)

(Photo: Style.com)

Thakoon paired this jacket with cozy pants to achieve a relaxed, yet stylish, look. You can achieve this look by pairing the Elizabeth & James jacket with jeans for a casual outfit. For a more luxe effect pair the jacket with creme wool trousers.

(Elizabeth & James jacket $199.95)

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.

Welcome to Atlanta

Aaron and I have been in Atlanta since we started our jobs in early summer. Atlanta is a HUGE adjustment to life in Alabama... but once you find the back roads, life gets easier. I wanted to share with you our favorite places since we have been residing in the Peach State:

Buckhead Diner

Buckhead Diner is not new to us. We fell in love with it several years ago but it is still the perfect place for dinner. Everything we have ever eaten here is absolutely amazing... the crab cakes, calamari, blue chips, etc. If you ever make your way to Atlanta, you HAVE to eat here, you may even spot a celeb or two (we never have but it is wishful thinking).

Peachtree Road Farmer's Market
So you already know we are heading to the farmer's market this weekend and that will make our fourth visit this year. All the vendors make/grow their own food and it is super cheap. I have bought flowers, breads and vegetables at this cute little market.  The people are amazing and you can even take your pet, which becomes the highlight of Winston's week :)

This store is amazing and their blog is even better (I follow it with my Google Reader).  It is located in the Peachtree Battle shopping center. We have been in three times and once we get a house, I will be their #1 customer. Tons of bed linens, baby bedding and gifts fill this quant little store.  Aaron and I bought our mothers a monogrammed hankercheif here as presents for our wedding.  Gramercy has such great people and is a gorgeous store.

El Azteca
You can't mention restaurants without mentioning Mexican. We are a sucker for Mexican food and eat it AT LEAST once a week (it has been three times some weeks).  We found our Mexican place!  El Azteca is across 285 from us and is always packed, so you know it is good. The food and drinks are awesome but no place can ever hold a candle to our beloved Mexico Tipico.

Gramma B's

We actually just discovered this precious garden and gift shop on Tuesday (we have been looking for fall decor but can't find the right thing). This store is so cute. I wanted to buy everything, which was probably a good reason that Aaron tagged along.  They have everything from trees and coffee tables, to potted plants and mirrors. We will definitely be back once the Christmas shopping season comes knocking at our door.

Corner Bakery
This is the best lunch spot. It is a new Panera for us.  The sandwiches and salads are amazing.  If you are ever in Atlanta during lunch, stop by the Lenox or Peachtree Road locations.

There are dozens of these stores around Atlanta. Their clothes are adorable and at such good prices. I have bought two sweaters, a dress and shirt since being an Atlanta resident. The selection is huge and ever-changing. I have found my go-to boutique and the sad thing is, that was one thing I was stressing about. What can I say.... I like my clothes!

Taco Mac
The first thing someone says when you say Taco Mac is "oh that is that really crowded place at the CNN Center during the SEC Championship." Yes, you are right, but no, don't eat at that one. Really do you want to go to dinner at a football arena? Boys, don't answer that! Well we have one about a mile from our apartment and Aaron has found his "sports" bar. There are over 140 different kinds of beer. The beer even has its own menu.  It is a really good place to watch football if you happen to miss out on going to the game.  The food is pretty good too but the drinks are definitely the attraction.

And last but not least....


If you think this is the first time I have been to Lenox Mall, you must be crazy.  If I am missing, look here. Let me name the reasons I love this place... Crate and Barrel, Madewell, Bloomingdale's, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters, French Connection, BCBG, Sephora. There are many more to add. Aaron and I lived here while looking for wedding party dresses during the summer, but what girl could hate that chore.

So when you come to Atlanta, visit some of our favorite spots. Hopefully, I will have another list to add soon!

Trying this out...

So I broke down to try the blogging thing. Aaron has for the longest time made fun of bloggers and how they have no life, etc, etc, etc. I had to ask myself... what do I say, my life is pretty boring. Yet I read other people's "boring" blogs and can spend hours learning about their lives. I read automotive blogs throughout the day to learn the trends and comments of the public and never grow tired of them. That may be because of my line of work but it seems that everyone has something to say these days.

So as we try this out... you may learn new things about our little family but I hope you are able to laugh and enjoy our "boring" lives. We thought this was a way to stay in touch with friends and family, who aren't in Atlanta.

I may even manage to get my husband (I am not going to lie, that still sounds strange) to be a guest blogger, considering he is half the title :)

Since this is my first time, I do not have a adequate picture but for those who know us, you know we love our dog. We will frequently talk about that fat little precious thing. So here he is as a bumblebee. His outing on Saturday is to strut his stuff at the farmer's market in this outfit.

Outfit of the week - $150 or less!

This week's unseasonably warm weather is the perfect excuse to wear your favorite peep toe pumps one last time. Pair your pumps with lightweight pieces in fall appropriate hues. This Lafayette 148 skirt has great cut-out detailing and can easily be worn in a couple months with wool sweaters and dark tights. Opt for an over sized leather clutch as a chic alternative to your standby purse.

Current Boutique is excited to announce a collaboration with Danielle Sigwalt and her blog, Fresh Quince. Each week she will be highlighting some great pieces from our Arlington store in her "What to Wear Wednesday" feature. Fresh Quince is a green design blog and you can check out Danielle's great picks for this week here.

Layfayette 148 skirt $37.95
Forever 21 blouse $10.95
Vintage clutch $57.50
Steve Madden pumps $28.95

Grand total: $135.35

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.

Outfit of the week - $150 or less!

This week's outfit is perfect for a night on the town. The Theme dress comes in olive (a perfect hue for fall) and has a sweetheart neckline with great mesh detailing. The cooler temperatures mean your boot collection can come out of hibernation and what better pair to go along with this outfit than these tough booties? The black lace clutch adds a nice touch of softness to the whole outfit. When the temperature drops even more you can pair the dress with cozy tights and knee high boots.

Theme dress $68.95
Black ankle booties $17.95
Black lace clutch $40.95
Silver cuff $19.95

Grand total: $147.80

These pieces can be found at Current's Alexandria location.