Family Addition

So we did it! We got another bully, Miss Winnifred, and she is the sweetest thing ever! Like seriously, the sweetest.

You may be speed-dialing the psych ward but we really did think it out. Reasons for all you doubters:
1. Winston is super lonely. He won't eat sometimes when he comes back from a weekend with his cousin, Aubie. The kid needed a friend.
2. We aren't having kids anytime soon. We can't even close on this dang house, much less be able to house a little one. We are also never in one place for too long...I can't even find time to sleep a few extra hours. Maybe in a few years after I have traveled to the places on my bucket list we can re-address this topic:)
3. Winston's mom was retiring from Mommyhood. Winnifred was from her last litter and I think it is the cutest thing that they are half-siblings. They even look alike.

How is Winston taking it, you ask? Well, he doesn't realize that his feet are the size of her head nor does he realize that when he loses her he should just look down... she is most likely hiding under his belly. Lately he just rests his head on her bed to see what she is doing or attempts to steal her toys when she isn't looking.

There is a lot of Bully love in this house now :)