Utterly Random

Veggie Ranch Pizza
I tried this recipe a few weeks back and it is super yummy. The ease of it is just icing on the cake. 

Can I just say how much I adore Piperlime. Precious stuff and free shipping... the complete package. Their "Girl on a Budget" section was made for me.

Taziki's and Newk's
Atlanta got a Newk's a few months back and Taziki's is about to open a few minutes from our apartment. Can I get a woohoo? Finally a little bit of home is making it's way to the ATL.

This bad boy has been my lifesaver these past few days. A little 90s throwback sprinkled with some Whitney does wonders for the soul. Seriously a must when I need to focus.

I am really in the mood for some DIY. My last attempt at a homemade wreath was a disaster.... a poor, pitiful sight. I think I need a TJ (Trader Joe's) run for cheap wine, pump up the aforementioned Pandora and paint a beautiful picture. Sounds like a date. 

Laughing Cow Cheese
You know the commercials I am referring to... the one where the woman looks so happy eating a tiny, measily wedge of cheese. Well, they are actually really good! I don't think I am grinning from ear to ear while eating it but I bought the mozzarella, sun-dried tomato basil ones... a pretty tasty afternoon snack.

Aaron and I went to Cinebistro in Brookhaven the other weekend and we were sold. Tickets are the same price as other theaters, yet Cinebistro has massive leather chairs for you to enjoy. And.... you can drink/eat a full meal here. Unlike the AMC Buckhead the waiters will not serve you during the movie to minimize interruptions. In love.

Spring has sprung
.... or is in the process of springing. I love fresh flowers, sitting outside and driving with the windows down. Ah can't wait.