Winston's New Friend

So this is another post about how much we love our dog, and because this week has consisted of stressing over presents left to buy (yet we haven't actually done anything about fixing that). We have also  been addressing Christmas cards. I have to tell you a funny story though... my mother in law picked out the SAME exact design. I started dying out laughing when I opened their card up this afternoon. Out of the thousands of Christmas card designs, we picked the same one. I guess great minds think alike :)

But back to Winston... you may hear us refer to him as Bubby, Bubbles or Bubs. Why? I have no idea! One day we just started doing it and have ever since.

Winston eats his friends... today we found the guts of our dear friend, Bear, and last week, Duck was open like a surgery patient in the bedroom floor. Most dogs do this but we decided to scare Winston a little bit with something bigger and better.... Billy the Goat!
 Winston was a little taken back by Billy. He is larger than most toys but that is why he was in a special bin in PetSmart. Winston scares small dogs so he was a little confused as to why this thing wasn't running away.
 But then they became playmates and now Winston eats his ears and goat horns!
 Look at my sweet boys cuddled on the couch. He only cuddles with Aaron and they both know this makes me mad. A least I have him for 30 minutes in the morning while he watches me get ready for work.

Tomorrow night is my company Christmas party! Yay! I love holiday parties, actually the holiday season in general. We have been listening to Christmas music for 3 hours! Until next time :)