So it is freezing here in Atlanta. Like 37 degrees at five o'clock.... Sitting with the fire going, I begin to think of the most amazing place on Earth. Fiji!!!!

Aaron and I were so blessed to get to go to Fiji for our honeymoon. The resort was absolutely amazing but mostly because of the beautiful location. We WILL return one day!

 Likuliku Resort
 You could snorkel right off the bures (their word for room)
 Kava Ceremony; Kava is from the root of the Kava plant... it makes you very sleepy but it is disrespectful to not accept it, so we did
 Scuba-diving in the Pacific
 Fijian tribe that came to dance and sing 
 The only resort in Fiji with overwater bures
 One picture of the food which was amazing. Some of the best meals of my life!
 The main reception area and restaurant 
 The sunset bar

Now off to a week of work and hopefully some Christmas shopping. My list is still very long!