Going to the Chapel

I had full intentions to blog about a new recipe we tried, red velvet brownies, but they have to cool for two hours! And this working woman is not staying up to ice those suckers.

But... there is a very exciting event this weekend! Jane Allen's Wedding! The Williams clan is packing up and heading to Mobile for this exciting event! Winter weddings are so pretty and this time of year is awesome because of all the festive decor. 
I haven't seen the bride-to-be since my own wedding so it makes the trip even better!

You may think I am weird or you may do it yourself but I love asking people about their lives. I have already had deep life altering conversations with some of my co-workers. I love knowing where people came from and how they came to be where they are now. Instead of my life story, here is the story of Aaron and I.

We grew up together in Alabama, attending the same church since birth.  The church we were married in is the same church we were both baptized and confirmed in. Aaron is three years older and went to a different school, so we hung out with different groups of friends as the years went by. About the time I was sixteen, we began to hang out in the same group, going to movies, dinner, etc.  Aaron graduated and went off to the University of Alabama.

My senior year of high school we saw each other pretty much every weekend, but yet we were still not an item... just friends. I asked Aaron to be my date to Cotton Cotillion that year. At an afterparty, he told my best friend, Meredith, that he was going to ask me out... and that is exactly what he did! Yes we have had our ups and downs but who hasn't? We have grown up together and know each other more than we know ourselves. I know when he is furious, and says he isn't; I know when he is hurt, and says he isn't; I know when he is completely and utterly happy! As corny as it sounds, he is my best friend and has been there for me throughout the past five years!

 Date party in college
 Easter at church
 Alys Beach
Here is a picture of our engagement. Aaron COMPLETELY surprised me with a picnic, which I had been begging for.  The t-shirt and no shower proves I had no idea. Our sweet friends, Laura and Reid, were hiding in the woods taking pictures, which are something I will cherish forever.
 The new addition to the family: Winston Beauregard Williams
 And now Mr & Mrs
These are my amazing pledge sisters and dear dear friends! I can't wait for our mini-reunion this weekend. Girls if you are reading this... the 2nd annual girls trip in the spring needs a locale :)

Hopefully, those red velvet brownies will delicious and I can share really soon!