Trying this out...

So I broke down to try the blogging thing. Aaron has for the longest time made fun of bloggers and how they have no life, etc, etc, etc. I had to ask myself... what do I say, my life is pretty boring. Yet I read other people's "boring" blogs and can spend hours learning about their lives. I read automotive blogs throughout the day to learn the trends and comments of the public and never grow tired of them. That may be because of my line of work but it seems that everyone has something to say these days.

So as we try this out... you may learn new things about our little family but I hope you are able to laugh and enjoy our "boring" lives. We thought this was a way to stay in touch with friends and family, who aren't in Atlanta.

I may even manage to get my husband (I am not going to lie, that still sounds strange) to be a guest blogger, considering he is half the title :)

Since this is my first time, I do not have a adequate picture but for those who know us, you know we love our dog. We will frequently talk about that fat little precious thing. So here he is as a bumblebee. His outing on Saturday is to strut his stuff at the farmer's market in this outfit.