Italy On The Brain

My Mom left for Italy today.  My little brother is over there studying in Rome right now, and she is going over to visit him.  He has only 2 weeks left in his stay, so they're going to spend the rest of his time sightseeing and traveling in Italy together.

My husband and I will be headed over to Italy as well (less than 2 months 'til we leave!), and I've been up to my neck in the planning details.  So naturally, I've got Italy on the brain right now :)

I don't know what I'm more excited about:  going back to Italy and visiting all of the beautiful sights.....or the FOOD!!!!  I'm practically salivating already.  I'm like my Dad---- I could eat pasta 3 times a day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.  So of course i'm excited to be going back to Italy... I get to stuff my face with as much gnocchi as I want.  Obviously, there are other culinary treats besides pasta in Italy to look forward to.

My TOP 5:

1. Fresh Pasta

Papardelle Bencotto
Delicious Magazine

The Golden Table

2. Stuffed Zucchini Squash Blossoms

3. Gelato
Spaghetti John's

4. Panino (aka "Panini")
from blog at

5. Limoncello

(By the way, my little brother figured out how to make homemade limoncello while he was in Rome.   He used lemons that he bought while he was in COOL is that?   I have the most awesome little brother..... hopefully that awesome little brother will make us some when he comes home, hint hint!)

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know--- Pizza is NOT on my top 5 list.   Here's my defense: First of all, I love a good pizza.   (NOT the "american-ized Papa John's" kind!)   My definition of real pizza is the paper thin, crispy coal-fired crust, top-shelf ingredients kind.   And that's what you find everywhere in Italy.   Since you can find it pretty much all over the place, it's not really a novelty for me.   Don't get me wrong, that won't stop me from eating it every other day while i'm over there! lol

Even if I wasn't Italian, I still think that I'd love Italian food........and I still think that Italy would be my favorite country in the world.   I suppose that maybe it is in my blood.   Regardless, no matter who you are, once you get a taste of Italy, you'll never be able to get it out of your mind!