Thanksgiving Break Catch-Up

Whew! I had a fantastic break and I'm not ready to meet the real world today.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with your family and friends!

Here's just a short recap of my break: Wednesday mom and I went shopping and had dinner together, and it was great to able to relax and just shop with her.  I ended up picking up a few things on my Christmas list [teacher appropriate clothes from LOFT] and had fun trying on lots of different shoes in Belk.  On Thanksgiving day, Stephen's family came over for lunch with my family.  It was great to able to get together, and this was our first year eating together.  I can't believe next year at this time Stephen and I will have been married for almost 4 months.  On Friday, I enjoyed sleeping in and then my MOH, Jordan, came over and we headed to look at bridesmaid dresses.  This is by far the hardest part of wedding planning to me.  I hate making decisions for others, I have so many body types in my wedding that I want the dress to flatter everyone, and I just want the dress to be the perfect shade of light pink - almost impossible.  We stopped by Target and I snagged a few deals, but nothing special.  Once I got home I had to bundle up, because we were headed to the local high school's 3rd round playoff football game.  It was about two hours away and I was scrunched between my brother and my adoptive brother.  They both play football in college and there was about no room in my mom's SUV, because their thighs are huge! The team ended up losing - horribly.  Saturday, I ran around town with mom running errands and going to the grocery store, then did some homework for the rest of the night - boring!!! Sunday, we woke up, went to church, and I felt a cold coming on and laid down to take a nap. I couldn't believe it when I woke up 3 hours later! Stephen got into town later that night and we headed back to school.  Although I didn't have that exciting of a break, it was definitely a much needed slower pace, relaxing time.

I have taken vitamins, extra vitamin C, and Airbourne to try to combat this oncoming cold.  Have yall tried this stuff? It was absolutely disgusting, and I have no idea how I survived the 6 oz.  I've heard great things about it, and I'd really like some confirmation that it works, because it was a struggle earlier for me to even get it down!

The countdown for Christmas break has officially begun!