This Thanksgiving, Aaron and I trekked up to Highlands, NC, to meet my parents for a much needed weekend away. The trip was only about 2 1/2 hours so it was perfect with all the mountain views (would have been shorter without the dreaded Atlanta traffic).

Highlands is gorgeous... the most precious little town nestled in the mountains. The house was also perfect for the fam, the dogs, lots of food and football.

(This a warning that there are a lot of Winston pics ahead.) 
This captures his pure hatred of winding mountain roads. He is sprawled out for dear life.
Our stay started out with dinner at the local pizza joint and apparently every other visitor had the same plan (maybe because every other restaurant was closed)
The dogs are suited up for a hike to Dry Falls
This is Winston trying to avoid Aubie sitting on him 
Dry Falls which is ironically not dry at all
You can walk under the falls too!
My boys 
Our hike began here...
And ended at the top of Whiteside Mountain
My fear of heights wasn't too much of a problem
Gorgeous view
Couple shot
The parentals
Aaron was on a ledge at this point to capture the pic
We tried to capture a father/son moment but this was as close as Winston would get
Granite City 
Which was just a bunch of huge rocks, ledges and climbing places
Aaron captured my out-of-shape self scaling the hill
Sunset Rock (a little foggy but a view of Highlands)
And Winston thought he was a cat and lounged on the couch
And here is beggar Winston. He liked turkey and sweet potato casserole :)
And another picture of the fur baby morphing into a frog (or at least his face looks like that)

It was an amazing trip full of laughs, family and relaxation. Just what we needed!

Now back to the real world after a few days away from reality :(