White Trash

Okay so the red velvet brownies did not turn out right. I L-O-V-E Southern Living so I am blaming me, the cook. All the comments said it was great so I will try out the recipe another time, maybe a Sunday afternoon when I am not so tired.  Here is some documentation of our product:

 Kitchen Helper, aka Space Sucker

I must say it turned out pretty with the white chocolate shavings

But..... last night was our first batch of White Trash. Tonight is the second. We made this annual treat for our co-workers. It is super easy and my hubby was amazing helping me out last night. I didn't feel so hot last night so he helped out majorly!!!!
Corn Chex Cereal
Wheat Chex Cereal
Rice Chex Cereal
M & M's
Almond Bark

You may add or subtract as you wish (and any brand is fine, we just stick with the cheap ones :) )
 You will need a large area for cooling. In our limited space, this meant the kitchen table.
 All mixed up waiting on the Almond Bark, which can be heated by your preference (stove or microwave). You will also need a LARGE container to mix it in. We used our double boiler shown here. Not its purpose but worked just fine
 An evil teeth-bearing helper is not required but he just adds some excitement, i.e. trying to keep him from eating the contents on top of the table
 Spread out on your wax covered surface and let dry!
All packaged up ready to go with a bow and personalized tag!
 Just a visual of our really tall paperwhites, and they smell so good!