Stina Stitches

My mom loves to needlepoint so when we found kits for needlepoint key fobs on etsy we quickly placed an order! Stina Stitches on etsy is definitely the place to go for these kits since she has tons of designs to choose from. These will probably be what I give out for graduation and I can't wait to choose the different images! I will be ordering another one for myself too since she cam out with one that is a Lilly inspired dress...I die!

This is the one my mom did for me and I love it! She did such a great job and finished it the same day she started it! My mom said that the kit came with great directions and plenty of thread to complete the key fob!

Here is a close up of the owl and my moms handiwork! 

I really want this one too, so I'll probably order it when I order a bunch of the kits for graduation gifts but I won't give it to anyone and instead sneak it off to college. How does that sound mom? Hehe!

Here are other ones I will be ordering and love!

Which one is your favorite?

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