Top Five Tuesday: January Favorites

Happy Tuesday followers! Hope you are all doing swell. Today I am linking up with Rachel at Just Peachy! Todays top five is January Favorites. Well considering last top five Tuesday I did I didn't choose just five so this time I will do my best to control myself. So here they are: 

Number One: 
OPI's Best Of The Best mini nail polish collection. Technically this can count as one item right? There are so many neutral colors in this that I LOVE an have been using this month.

Number two:

My new MacBook Pro that I received for Christmas. Let me just tell you I don't think I can ever go back to having a PC after this computer.

Number 3:

I'm going to say my number three favorite is monograms so I can include both of these items.

My Pink Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf 

Lands End Monogrammed Vest. I definitely should have ordered it in an XS but I didn't really think about that fact until I received it so it is kinda big.

Number 4:

Kind of a double again but I am not good at choosing so I paired them together because they are both used on your eyes. 

Pixi Limited Edition Eye Pallet

This is the info on the back in case you are interested.

And here are the colors inside. I love how thin and compact this is and since I don't own a ton of eye shadows this pallet had a great mix of colors.

And my mascara which is Nars in whatever they call their darkest black.

Number 5:

L'Oreal's ever strong hair products. I use these because they are supposed to help prevent breakage and split ends and since I straighten my hair daily I need as much help as I can get.

Thanks again Rachel for hosting this wonderful link-up! If you have any product recommendations for me then I would love to hear them. What are your favorites?