Mixing Browns & Blacks

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday it was around 69 degrees and raining, and today we have a high of 49...I can now bring out my warmer clothes, but I don't really know if it is here to stay.  I've got a lot on my plate today so it is going to be short and sweet, but I did want to share one of my favorite color combinations of the fall.

   black & brown

Black and brown? What do you think about it?  

I cannot believe that I have been listening to people when it comes to them saying that you cannot mix the two.  This has become one of my favorite combinations, as I often wear black leggings with my cognac boots.  I love the richness of the look, and it is perfect for these crisp, fall days.  I've been eyeing a Dooney and Bourke leather satchel for quite some time and have now officially added it to my Christmas list.  You know why I love it so much?  It is black leather with light brown handles! Perfect! 

How do you feel about this "new" color combination?  Are you loving it as much as I am, or do you feel like these two colors have no business with each other?

Black and brown....

Brown + Black <3

black + brown

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All images are from Pinterest.