Home Envy

So we can't buy any home decor right now due to A) Space B) Saving and C) Hopefully moving in the near future.... but it doesn't hurt to look!

Oh and I had an epiphany on my way to work the other day. I decided that when I can buy our furniture, and not the college collection we are sporting now, my home decor style would be classified as kinda traditional chic. I love the look of traditional but with some contemporary, modern flare. This is just info. in case you were laying awake at night dying to know :)

I am loving this living room.... the orchids, blue, furniture... LOVE it!

This living room has those classic traditional lines with gorgeous tulips everywhere

This crisp white kitchen is awesome, if you weren't the one cleaning it

Another white kitchen but I love the two-toned countertops here

I would never leave this pool... EVER

And Aaron would never leave this (and it just has that fancy, smancy look)

Beautiful is really all I can say!

Huge bed + sitting area = perfect bedroom

And there are like a million more I could find... one day, one day