Cabin Fever

I wanna be here.... but this is where I am....

These are just some pictures of Atlanta. The snow has turned to ice which also means the crazies come out and try to drive. We saw several cars spinning tires while their owners wondered aloud what was happening... two inches of ice and a massive hill maybe?

Our little family is getting antsy. Winston looks at us with his droopy eyes and wrinkly face as if we are so rude as to have disturbed his peaceful napping. I wish now I had saved up some to-do items for these last two days and schools have already announced that they are cancelled yet again tomorrow.

Our itinerary:
We trekked up the street to Kroger with the rest of our neighbors (seemed like that) to have a change of scenery and walk aimlessly through the bare aisles... I tried a new chicken salad recipe... I learned how to attempt to relax...

Crossing our fingers for better travel conditions tomorrow but with ice and freezing temps approaching, things are looking frigid.